10 amazing movies by Steven Spielberg

One name of the great filmmaker and screenwriter, mentioned in the credits of the film, is able to collect full halls of film fans, because the paintings under his strict guidance are almost always a masterpiece. His best films have already managed to collect in the world box office about 8.5 billion dollars and who knows what awaits us ahead! An outstanding director succeeds in almost any genre, constantly throwing up the spectator, the new blockbuster, the serious and deep drama.

By the way, Steven Spielberg made his first film as early as 12 years old, of course, amateur, but already serious - about the war, which immediately wins the competition. The next one was about aliens, everything started spinning like in a dream and today there are dozens of prestigious nominations, awards and Oscar statuettes, for the best film including, as well as international recognition and love of thousands of fans.

Let's highlight the top ten most impressive Steven Spielberg films that really deserve your attention.

1. "Schindler's List", 1993Opens our top 10 best of the best, perhaps the most famous and highly recognized, a picture that tells the story of the fate of Jews during World War II. This black-and-white film boasts an impressive budget, but this is not the point: it was this tape that received the deserved 7 Oscar statuettes, and Spielberg completely refused the fee and founded the Foundation that helps the victims of the Holocaust with this money.

2. “Catch Me If You Can”, 2002The next picture, in the opinion of critics, is not too similar to the other epic things of the director, has been enjoying the well-deserved love of the viewer for many years. And the secret of success is simple: the wonderful actors of Hollywood starring (Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks), as well as a difficult and not without humor plot. The story of a scammer and an adventurer, in spite of his not the best status in society, makes me feel the warmth of the protagonist and even sympathy.

3. “Rescue Private Ryan”, 1998Another amazing film of a talented director, who managed to collect at the box office 7 times more than was spent to create it. Five Oscars, as well as the title of the most realistic motion picture, which was able to credibly convey the terrible atmosphere of the war, is the best confirmation of its success.

4. “Terminal”, 2004After 6 years, Spielberg releases the film again with Tom Hanks in the lead role. Now he is a would-be passenger who, while flying from one state to another, at one moment turned into a person from nowhere, because a coup d'état happened in his homeland. Now he is stuck in the airport terminal and has to live there until all problems are settled in his home country.

By the way, the plot of the film is based on a completely real case, which occurred with a refugee from Iran in 1998: he was forced to live in one of the French airports for about 18 years.

5. "Artificial intelligence", 2001.One of the most touching and good works of the director, who won 5 Saturn awards, and was nominated for an Oscar for the best visual effects. The story of the future, in which ordinary people will live side by side with complex and interesting robots, in the center of which is not an ordinary robot-child named David.

6. “Memoirs of a Geisha”, 2005A fascinating and quivering story about a pretty girl from a poor Japanese family who at an early age are given to work in a geisha house. The action takes place in the 20-30s of the last century in the area of ​​Giona, which, by the way, was completely recreated for filming in Los Angeles.Three Oscars, several other nominations, and three statues from the British Academy say a lot - this film is really worth seeing.

7. “The Empire of the Sun”, 1987Another story about the horrors of the Second World War, only now in the center of the story is the life of the eleven-year-old Englishman Jim, the son of a rich diplomat. During the Japanese invasion of Shanghai, he was separated from his parents and sent to a military prison camp, where he, suffering deprivation, illness and hunger, is forced at one point to forget about childhood and fully understand the cruelty of adulthood.

8. "Alien", 1982One of the first films that brought the director unconditional popularity around the world, tells the viewer of an extraterrestrial being accidentally forgotten on planet Earth. We will see the friendship of children and a good alien who wants to return home, but everything is not so simple. This film has managed for 14 (!) Years to keep the first line in the list of the highest grossing films in the history of mankind, and also got four Oscars and a couple of Golden Globes.

9. "Indiana Jones", 1981. Perhaps the best adventure film,the end of the last century - it has everything! And a fascinating script, and good humor, love and, of course, originality of the plot! This picture is the first part of the famous tetralogy, each of which is interesting and fascinating in its own way. It will be about the young and charismatic archaeologist Indiana Jones, who goes on a dangerous search for one important artifact.

10. The Jaws, 1975Did you know that the now popular term “blockbuster” came to the world of film critics and viewers precisely with the famous Spielberg film? Filmed back in 1975, it may seem that it should be morally obsolete for a long time, but it was not there: “Oscars” for the best editing, the sound and soundtrack confirm just the opposite.

By the way, this is the first film in the history of cinema, which managed to collect more than $ 100 million at the box office, and, surprisingly, did not stop there! With a budget of 7 million, Jaws managed to earn a fabulous sum of about 470 million dollars at that time.

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