11 of the most ridiculous tattoos: what was in the minds of these people?

7A tattoo today, no one is surprised. Many people make them, often spending huge money on professional masters. And it is worth it: the tattoo has become a real art, and often the masterpieces that adorn the bodies of people are simply amazing.

However, not all relate to this fashion with delight: now there are many who it seems to be stupid and even strange. Disputes between those who make tattoos and those who do not, sometimes reach unprecedented intensity.

No matter how you treat tattoos, here are some examples of what you shouldn’t do!

№ 1. Fried eggs

This tattoo is for the most dedicated gourmets! Apparently, in the head - and then on the head. Otherwise, why choose this dish as a sketch? Not that it had some special aesthetic qualities ...


No. 2. Almost an angel

Another tattoo that tells the world about the gastronomic preferences of its wearer.Yes, creative approach is great, but not always beautiful and certainly not always justified. Although, I confess, from the usual angel wings on the back, we are already pretty tired.


№ 3. Life orientations

Another creative approach. Now it is so fashionable to make tattoos with images of compasses, but this girl went further - with her now always a detailed scheme. However, it is not clear why on the stomach. After all, it would be more practical on the hand, and you will have to understand each time you don’t remember the station you need, to understand a sweater or a t-shirt. By the way, if new stations are opened, will they have to be added? Pretty hard.


№ 4. Dedicated to lovers of cats

It seems that all those who are on our list are eager to destroy existing stereotypes and go against popular trends. So this guy decided that if he would make a tattoo with a cat, it would definitely not be nice or touching. Well, with the task if it was that. he did a great job. In the end, he also live with it.


№ 5. All for the love

Perhaps making tattoos with the name of the beloved is also a past century, but in those times it was much easier to do everything right.Just pick up the master with a beautiful handwriting, and - voila, beauty is already on your body. Now everything is much more complicated - you also need to select a beautiful photo.


№ 6. Master of Disguise

Perhaps this guy is too fond of chess and decided to declare it to the world. Or he does not like the features of his face, and he decided to divert attention from them. In any case, he coped with the task.


№ 7. A little joke

Great tattoo that baffles not only the fact of its existence, but also the idea. Perhaps the cats really should be perpetuated, otherwise our descendants will completely forget the name of this beast.


№ 8. Breakfast in nature

Perhaps this tattoo tells of a significant event in the life of the author. Perhaps it was a sunny afternoon and he went on a picnic with his beloved, and decided to make her an offer, and now, at the very moment when she answered him the long-awaited “yes,” the creased pigeon treacherously stole their lunch. Why not?


No. 9. To see you better.

This tattoo is not only strange, but also slightly scary. Indeed, it would be difficult to talk with this girl - one eyes would distract from others all the time. And certainly, when she sleeps - it is an eerie sight.


No. 10Star girl

Once the stars of the Old School were so popular ... and it was time for their popularity to fall on the youth of some girls who also wanted to be popular. In general, history is as old as the world, times change - the consequences remain.


№ 11. Lord of the Flies

Tattoo mystery. What does it mean, and why did the spiders choose the left eye, and what kind of strange dance they arranged around it? Or did they start dancing? No hint of an answer. Apparently, some things we are not destined to know.



These were 11 of the strangest, most ridiculous and stupid tattoos. Look carefully and remember: this is definitely not necessary! After all, such a masterpiece will remain with you for life.