12 unusually useful things that can be made from old clothes

Old clothes are constantly accumulating in our closets. Something has ceased to fit in size, but something no longer fits the fashion or our taste. Some things have unrecoverable defects. And all this takes place in the closet. The most progressive give things to charities. But even something that has completely failed can be redone instead of just being thrown away.

1. An interesting blouse from an old shirt.

By a few simple manipulations, an old shirt that has long gone out of fashion can be transformed into a cute blouse. A good quality thing is suitable for the project, which simply ceased to be relevant in the new season. A butterfly tie made from the same material makes the thing incredibly elegant.

2. Experiment with color

If you always wanted to try to paint something from your clothes, but did not dare, for fear of not the best result, practice on old things.Instead of taking a pile of old T-shirts in the trash, test them for different ways of coloring. Maybe something pretty interesting. And if not, your textile dyeing experience will be greatly enriched.

3. Make a T-shirt Shopping Bag

With this simple tutorial, turn an old, stretched T-shirt into a comfortable and spacious bag. It can be worn everywhere in a folded form and does not spoil the nature, buying the next plastic bag. And the favorite thing that causes a lot of pleasant memories is always with you.

4. Build a crop top

An old shirt can be transformed into a trendy short top that will look great as part of a summer ensemble. You can not even sew a thing, but limit yourself to cutting off all the excess!

5. Make comfortable hair dressings.

Soft knitwear of old things is great for such an accessory. You will need only scissors, glue gun and a few minutes of your time. A great option for different hairstyles for every day!

6. Make a strap for camera.

Expensive photo and video equipment should be safe.If you do not like the standard strap, which is often not very comfortable to wear, replace it with an old scarf! You can also use material from a silk blouse or dress.

7. Turn an old sweater into a pair of mittens

The sweater became small, did not survive the next wash, or just tired? Buy a new one, and carve out a couple of comfortable mittens for a cold winter from the old one. You can use the pattern, or just translate the dimensions from the old pair. Favorite thing will serve some more time.

8. Sew a dog suit

Dogs of some breeds are simply not made for walking in real winter conditions. Four-legged friends must be insulated. And it is not necessary to spend huge sums on clothes for animals. Sometimes it is enough to carve out a sweater from the sleeve of an old jacket. And the animal will be in perfect order!

9. Sew an old shirt from an apron

For those who like to cook, the problem of protecting clothes from stains and splashes is relevant. Follow the grandmother's advice and tie an apron. It can be easily stitched from one or several shirts. Pockets that may be on the shirt, will fall in handy. If not, sew, cutting out of the same or contrasting fabric.

10.Create an outfit for a girl

The little dress is perfectly cut out of the most preserved details of the old shirt. And the fact that the thing was worn, will only benefit. The material will be softer and more pleasant for children's skin. The main thing is to choose the right color!

11. Toys for a dog from old jeans

The dog loves the smell of his master! Therefore, a toy made from old things is a real gift for her. And jeans - the same material that can survive the harshest games. And no need to leave extra money in the pet store.

12. Sew a bandana

Another quick solution to the problem with the hairdo. Flannel shirt, by simple manipulations, turns into a bandana for hair. With this hairstyle, it will be possible to appear wherever you would ever decide to appear in your favorite shirt.