15 impressive Guinness World Records

Thousands of people around the world dream of becoming famous and becoming famous, once in the Guinness Book. And who does not exist in this famous book, a new edition of which is published every year. Here you have the longest nails, and the highest mohawk, and the smallest person in the world. However, today we want to share with you a selection of 15 interesting records that will definitely surprise you, and maybe even bring a smile.

1. The largest catch of fish

You may have heard about a 400-kg catfish caught in the rivers of Germany almost 200 years ago. However, few people know about a sturgeon weighing a half tons! The giant fish was caught in the native expanses of Kazan in 1921. Here is a catch!

2. The largest zucchini

Ken Dade grew the largest zucchini in the world from Norfolk Islands (East Anglia) in 2008. It took two people to lift the 65-pound zucchini.

3. The biggest horse in the world

The famous stallion Samson was born in 1846. His height was 2 meters and 20 centimeters, and his weight - one and a half tons.

4. The tallest tree

The height of the Californian sequoia Hyperon is 115.61 meters. In the Guinness Book of Records, this tree is registered as the tallest tree in the world.

5. The oldest cat

In 2014, when this cat named Poppy was listed in the Guinness Book of Records, he was 24 years old. Unfortunately, the cat is no longer alive.

6. The Most Mature American Movie

Not expected, right? Martin Scorsese's film The Wolf from Wall Street contains 687 abusive words, about 4 mats per minute.

7. The most popular singer

Yes, yes, Shakira has not even one, but three whole records in the Guinness book. Certificate for one hundred million likes, the best-selling in the US Hispanic album "Fijacion Oral" and the best-selling Spanish-language single of all time "La Tortura".

8. The most large-scale panoramic 3D drawing on the street

3D drawing was created by artist Joe Hill in London. Its length is 60 meters, and its area is 891 square meters.

9. The smallest goby in the world

Archie is a 29-month-old bull, which is recognized as the smallest in the world. His height is only 76.2 cm.

10. The oldest man on the planet

Yasutaro Koide is the oldest inhabitant of the planet, who died last year at the age of 112 years. Almost until his death, he had no serious health problems, and he could read without glasses.