20 compliments that are really insults

Making compliments, men are often clumsy. Let them be driven by the best of intentions, it is so easy to offend a woman with an inaccurate phrase. In order not to inadvertently insult the interlocutor, think carefully before you tell him something from the list below.

You look so cool, just don't find out!

It turns out that before the man looked terrible and completely changed, changing the image. Why should he remind him of old failures?

Your chest has grown so much!

Usually the chest grows with excess weight. Well, even during pregnancy or serious illness.

You look great!

Too blurred compliment, leaving the essence of what you could praise. It is better to concentrate on the specific positives, deciding to make a compliment.

You go more when you smile!

You know that any normal person cannot walk with a smile on his face 24 hours a day? And judging by your words, at best, 90% of a woman’s life is at least not attractive enough.

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You look great for your age

This compliment implies that the person as a whole is not very attractive, but stands out favorably in comparison with his peers. In addition, people often find it unpleasant to be any clarification related to their age. The same situation with the compliment "This hair color is so young."

You are so thin!

Questions about weight are always very complex and delicate, because they cause discomfort to most people. Specifying that someone has lost weight so well, you claim that the person was too fat before.

This is the best idea of ​​all your head!

Are you sure that you want to hint to the woman that everything that had previously occurred to her was absolute nonsense and rubbish? And how can you even know what is happening in the head of another person? Do not take on too much.

So you go makeup!

Does your compliment mean that the lady is not very attractive looking without makeup? There is a risk that she will think that way.

This dress is so slim you!

It turns out that in other clothes it is noticeable that the person is stout, and everything he wore before emphasized the extra weight.

But you are kind and talented!

Very dual compliment, as if giving to understand that apparently a person is not very.

You're not like all the other girls!

Of course, it sounds very nice.But in this case, the man considers all other other girls unworthy, and now let the situation be in your favor, his opinion can quickly change.

You are so cute!

Usually the word “sweetheart” is associated with a very funny, touching girl who does not understand all the realities of adult life. Are you sure that the woman standing in front of you wants to look like that?

I like girls in the body!

It is unlikely that a man in his mind dares to say something like a woman with whom he wants any relationship, of course, if he has at least a bit of reason in his head. Also, the questions “Do you think I'm fat? / How do I look?” Also should be answered very carefully.

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You look like a kid!

The woman spent a lot of time on make-up and picked up clothes that emphasize her sexual forms, and deserved only a comparison with a child? However, the girl also reacts negatively to the compliment “You look so adult” negatively, thinking that you consider her an old woman. It's so eager to look young and beautiful for many years.

Also, saying “You look so naive / innocent!”, You kind of indicate that a woman has absolutely no life experience and she is too simple for you.After this, you can not even count on sex.

New haircut makes you younger

An awkward compliment makes it clear that before a woman looked worse and the previous hairstyle was only old. It is better to make a compliment without clarification.

You drive great for a woman

Such a compliment can be interpreted as a hint of a negative stereotype or an unpleasant form of sexism. Want to do nice - praise the new skill without any "for".

Why do you have no one if you are so beautiful?

Single people certainly do not want reminders about their loneliness. In addition, with this compliment, you kind of assume that something is wrong with the person.

You have so many children, you are well done!

This compliment shows that you consider excessive so many children for one reason or another. It is inappropriate to express an opinion about the life choices of another person.

You cook as tasty as my mother!

Any woman wants to be beautiful and passionate, and not to remind a man his mother, even in the kitchen.

For a girl you are very clever!

This is not only an insult, but also non-observance of gender equality. You can also make a compliment without an emphasis on gender.

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July 31, 2018Tatyana Leonova
a guest01.08.18 16:09
a guest01.08.18 19:09

I agree with you.

a guest02.08.18 23:51
a guest03.08.18 13:19

I, as a practicing psychologist, remind my “colleague” of the unethicality of absentee diagnoses on the Internet. Which first of all speak about the professionalism of the “psychologist” himself ...

a guest07.08.18 16:34

and I, as a psychotic practitioner, remind me of a "collegiate" ...

a guest01.08.18 16:14

Why look for some hidden meaning in everything?

a guest01.08.18 21:08

That's it!

a guest03.08.18 13:26

Life without meaning is meaningless.

a guest27.08.18 09:59

There is no sense in anything! Even in life itself.

a guest01.08.18 17:39

rzhu. Well, give at least an example, but how is it possible ???????))))))))))))))

a guest02.08.18 23:53

Send a smiley but silently! )))

a guest03.08.18 14:46

Here, at almost every point there is an example of how one can actually and should be given compliments, read carefully. And the concept of etiquette exists in all spheres of life, not only in business communication or table manners, but also in pronouncing compliments and even in giving gifts. and there is nothing to gang up on the author, almost all the information in the article on the case. It's just that very often people around do not think about what and how they say, living according to the principle "their people - why stand on ceremony?" or simply do not understand the significance of the correct statement of their thoughts.A hint of age is somehow unethical. You probably know that women are not made to ask a question about their age, unless, of course, we are not talking about a doctor's appointment or paperwork.

And, in order to prevent comments of inadequate content: I am not a paranoid adult but a woman who is quite happy with her life and who is happy in her relationship with her man. I recommend criticizing the author more often to criticize myself.

a guest08.08.18 15:26

So you yourself wanted gender equality. Why, then the "stereotype about the woman behind the wheel" should sink into oblivion, and the "ask about age" remains? Don't you think that all this struggle for feminism and the notorious "equality" is actually another way to do it as beneficial?) It turns out that when I am "comfortable" then everything is as it should, and if I am not comfortable, then clean, last century, etc. Interestingly it turns out)

a guest09.08.18 09:54

Gender equality does not mean that a woman should unload wagons and lift weights. It initially assumed that a woman could vote in elections, drive a car, make a career not only in a teacher, educator or nurse, but also in other areas. You mix politics and eiket.The question of age in terms of etiquette is still inappropriate. The ability to drive a car is connected not with gender, but with the abilities of a particular person. There are many families where the wife leads, and the husband is not even going to a driving school, because he is not interested. Yes, times change, but some things remain the same, just do not need to go to extremes.

And if it comes to that, if women give each other unsuccessful compliments, it will look as unethical as if a man said it to a woman. Do not think, please, that all women around are doing nothing but finding fault with men.

a guest09.08.18 12:33

I will correct you. Gender equality just means that a woman should unload wagons (of course, if she wants, as well as men). But the process of the struggle for equality (electoral, car enthusiasts and any other) is feminism.

According to the article:

the question of whether or not a particular compliment is appropriate or not should probably be considered in the context of specific objects and subjects; it seems to me inappropriate to be offended, even to some extent, unfortunate, by a compliment. A compliment from the heart, from the emotions. As it happened, so perceive.The words are just a wrapper.

a guest10.08.18 09:28

Lady, you are so cool at laying sleepers!

Here there is no sexism, and it’s immediately clear with a joke that women are bad and 100% gender equality!

Yes, equality is good, but because of the physiological characteristics of the load in many professions with the appearance of women begins to be distributed on the supposedly intellectual

and physically loaded. But in fact there is none! And there is work. And now the employer is forced to combine, put in a couple, let's say so a “universal” specialist, such an “intellectual.” At one point, a wagon, seeing that he gets so much more work same (damn, equality is the same), and finds a more paid place (under capitalism, under socialism, it just starts to send everyone, and it takes the form of indiscriminate idleness, which is really impossible to fight), and the employer stays at the bottom of the trough An intellectual begins to swing right and talk about "sexism" when they are simply trying to get him to do what the dismissed employee did not even stutter and did in between times. We already had this in the USSR. You want to have the same life — undoubtedly worthy — but equal in terms of the “load” —the USSR perfectly showed what equality means, and who does not know its history,will repeat it again. There, too, they wanted to eat the fish and ... sit down. And broke millions of lives.

a guest22.08.18 12:21

That is what it assumes. At the same time, it assumes that men should be able to bear children, and women should serve in the army (including submarines and supersonic aircraft) - if they pass the appropriate selection, they should not have any labor protection benefits and retire in the same age as men. Well, everything else too ... in general, the same rights imply the same duties - these are generally two sides of the same coin.

In your version of “gender equality”, only unilateral preferences for women are assumed, which contradicts the very spirit of equality.

a guest22.08.18 21:37

Well, let some man give birth, I am personally ready to pay him for the services of an obstetrician))) And then I will unload the cars and listen to the idiotic compliments.

a guest20.08.18 18:16

Yes, nothing. Do not praise at all))

a guest01.08.18 17:44

The only thing that I, as a girl, would not like, is: for a girl, you are very clever. Well, everything is clear, without explanation.