22 life hacks, simplifying house cleaning

If you do not want to spend on cleaning the apartment all day, then use our advice. And you will see how much more enjoyable this process will be, and there will still be a lot of free time for yourself.

So that the trash does not absorb you, it is necessary to put a nice waste bin in each room. And do not be afraid that you will run across bins in every corner - you can entrust this role to a pretty vase, an original box or basket where you can put unnecessary pieces of paper, apple stumps and other stuff that is sometimes too lazy to bring to the kitchen . The main thing is not to forget to clean the container in time, otherwise the meaning of the idea will be lost.

Each cleaning must begin with the arrangement of things in its place. To save time, you can take some kind of basin / container, throw all unnecessary things there, and then walk around the apartment with it, laying it on the shelves. Be sure that this will not only save your time, but also nerves, because you will not rush around the apartment with each specific thing, frantically trying to determine where to put it.

In order not to litter the apartments and not to add work to yourself, it is necessary to unload all horizontal surfaces (table-top, window-sills, shelves, etc.) as much as possible. In addition, numerous souvenirs, vases and figurines that you still got from your grandmother, and other trinkets create a sense of chaos and make cleaning difficult. As a way out - hide everything in the closet or even remove it.

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This is the place where a person spends the most time, relaxing and tuning in for a new day. Therefore, the bedroom must be kept clean in the first place.

To prevent bedding from getting lost, store it in sets (carefully folding each into your pillow case). By the way, doctors do not advise ironing the bed linen (the hygroscopicity of the material deteriorates), so after washing you can carefully hang the duvet covers and sheets, pulling them as much as possible, and after they dry out (it’s important that they don’t dry out!) cupboard. Under its own weight linen smoothed.

If you got a spouse who spreads his socks around the room or, like a thrifty chipmunk, twists them one into another, but then still leaves out of place, approach this with humor.For example, purchase a special box (container) without a lid in a store and give it space in the room. In this case, your faithful can exercise in accuracy, throwing socks in the "basketball" basket. And he is interested, and you have less trouble - you just take the container with all its contents and send it to the washing machine. Imagine how much time will be saved if you don’t look for its “treasures” in all corners!

If you have accumulated every little thing under the bed, get a special under-bed box and put in there boxes with shoes and other seasonal things that you have to dust under the bed. In this case, during cleaning, you will not waste time to pull out all twenty boxes and packages, but carefully open one drawer and calmly wash the floor.

Children's room

Those who have small children know how scary sometimes it is to open the door of the nursery room, because there will be not a creative mess, but real chaos, with which then you will have to mess around for a long time.

To cope with the “toy flow” and not stumble over dolls / Lego / typewriter and other children's joys, just buy a container and keep all the toys in one place.Of course, the shelves look beautiful, where dolls or cars are arranged in neat rows, but think how long this beauty will last when your child decides to play, and then several times changes his mind and leaves all his trinkets on the floor. Therefore, it is much safer to keep everything in one place. Tired of playing? They flicked everything into the drawer and put it in the closet. Delov something!

One more life hacking, which is useful for mothers, is also a convenient way to keep inventory for creativity in separate boxes / boxes. For example, purchase several multi-colored boxes and put drawing supplies in one, in another - for modeling, in the third - for modeling, or what your child is interested in. So you will know what lies in each of the boxes, and get a certain.


We think there is no need to say that not only cleanliness should be observed in this room, but practically sterility. After all, it affects both the cooking process and the health of the household.

To prevent dust from accumulating on the uppermost cabinets (all housewives know how difficult it is to clean it from there), you can cover the top with cling film or newspaper. If you have a gas stove and there is no desire to mess around with rubbing off fat from its surface, then you can simply cover it with foil and change it as it gets dirty.Yes, the method is not the most aesthetic, but you will agree - this is better than standing and scrubbing hated fatty leaks for hours.

Contrary to popular belief, a dishwasher copes with its task and cleans kitchen utensils much better than we do. Therefore, if you still have not purchased this miracle of technology, now is the time to think about it properly. After all, while the dishwasher will do its job, you can do other things and have a lot more time in a day. Well, if suddenly your assistant got stuck with grease from dirty dishes and began to “tinker”, then take out the kitchen utensils, pour a glass of strong fat-splitting agent onto the bottom of the machine and run the longest program (at high temperature).

Get a dozen rags and sponges, because they cost a penny, but perform many functions in the kitchen. For example, using a damp sponge (or adhesive tape) is very convenient to collect fragments of broken dishes from the floor (only the sponge should be immediately thrown out afterwards). Sponge for dishes, by the way, must be disinfected. Therefore, you can put it together with kitchen utensils and a dishwasher and run the program.Cloths for wiping the table are also best washed periodically in a washing machine, because there is nothing more terrible than greasy, greasy cloth that is still picked up and the crumbs are collected from it.

To cope with the hated bloom in an electric kettle or a coffee maker, it is enough to pour colorless soda (sprite-type lemonade, for example) to the bottom and leave it for 30 minutes. Then you can simply clean with a cloth and rinse.


The sink in the bathroom can be easily returned to whiteness with dishwashing powder. It is softer than products intended for a bathroom, it can be applied without gloves, and only a couple of minutes is enough to clean the sink. If you carry out this procedure regularly, then the snow-white wash basin is provided to you.

It is also easy to clean the acrylic bath with dishwashing detergent or cheap liquid soap (dripping onto a sponge and gently scrubbing the bottom and sides).

Mixers should be wiped with a dry soft cloth - this will prevent water stains and do not waste time on additional polishing.

Shirts and blouses (as well as T-shirts, light dresses, jackets) dry immediately on the shoulders - this will save time for ironing, because things will look almost perfect.The main focus is to pull a clean thing out of the washing machine, shake it vigorously and hang it neatly on a hanger.

If space permits, then in the bathroom put a box for linen, in which you can sort things by color. This will also save time - for washing you will take a certain pile and not waste energy on sorting.

Entrance hall

In order not to spread dirt to the rooms, in addition to a special rug, place a brush and a scoop next to it. If you suddenly bring dry dirt or sand, you can gently brush everything into the scoop (this advice is especially relevant for dog owners, because you do not have to wash the floors near the door after each walk).

So that unpaid bills from the mailbox, temporarily unnecessary keys, trifles that you take out of your pockets, do not accumulate a heavy load - get a special box in the hall where you will put all this. Just take it into your habit to disassemble the coveted box at least once a week, otherwise it will all be lost or you will occupy space.

Hats, scarves, gloves, shawls and other accessories also fold in the drawer and put in the closet. Otherwise they will be scattered throughout the hallway, and this does not look neat at all.

When it rains, wrap the door mat in a damp cloth, so you can clean the soles and not be afraid that dirt will spread throughout the apartment.

Animal hair can be easily removed with a special laminate brush (with a large pile, similar to thick macaroni). This "lazy" you can walk in the corners and in five minutes to collect all unnecessary.