30 worst summer outfits for Hollywood stars

To our surprise, not only the eternal heroes of stylish anti-ratings, but also real style icons have been included in the list of “losers”!

Katie Holmes, whose failures are already considered almost as they should be, managed to come to Paris, the fashion capital, by the way, in a wrinkled dress and worn ballet shoes. A favorite of Karl Lagerfeld and, in the opinion of many, modern trendsetter Lily Rose Depp set an example of how a designer outfit can disfigure a figure and deprive it of the correct proportions.

It did not come as a surprise that the appearance of Halle Berry at the airport in a casual, baggy look that even a supermodel with a perfect appearance would not have graced. But Christina Aguilera decided to focus not on the simplicity of the kit, but on its experimental principle - and, of course, I miscalculated. Well, who wears leather jack boots paired with a hoodie, painted with graffiti?

Another amateur trying on something like that, Kim Kardashian, also went too far with spectacular details, putting on a dress from a plastic bag on a social event.

Some celebrities this summer looked like they were dressed in the dark.Workout Paris Hilton, a shirt with a lace skirt Adriana Lima, Pajamas Sharon Stone - it all just goes beyond reason!

All the most unfortunate images of celebrities this summer - in our gallery!