7 pairs of sunglasses that have become iconic

Each era has its own characteristic model of sunglasses, which captured the style of the time - the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. This clear belonging to one or another period “broke down” several years ago, when it became almost impossible to say exactly what sunglasses in fashion this season: designers practiced on a variety of different models, both ultra-modern and informal modern ones, inventing eyes (and eyes!) new outlines of frames and techniques of spraying glasses. If we say that in sunglasses now "everything is in fashion", then this statement will not be far from the truth, because now several models from completely different eras and styles are really relevant at once. We decided to recall those that became cult.

Cat glasses

More than half a century has passed, and the black model of cat sunglasses in black is still considered a classic. The "cats" have a lot of interpretations - playful in color, with rhinestone stickers, with prints (for example, leopard, like Jane Russell's),with transparent glass, I want to collect a collection at home with the participation of only this model.

7 pairs of sunglasses that have become iconic

Like Jane Russell:Asos cat glasses (975 rub.)

Aviator glasses

With a pair of "aviators" you definitely will never go wrong: this model is suitable for all ages and styles of clothing, and is available both in classic versions with matte dark glasses, and in futuristic with mirror. The author of this model is the Ray-Ban brand, but Dior, Gucci, Linda Farrow, Givenchy, Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford and every other democratic brand make their versions of "aviators" today.


Like Bianca Jagger:H & M Aviator Glasses (499 rub.)

Dragonfly glasses

Jacqueline Kennedy is considered the “muse”, so some models are still called Jackie O in her honor. The distinctive feature of dragonflies is massive, wide glass that literally covers half of the face. Jackie herself was hiding in such glasses from the annoying paparazzi, and in the collection she had several pairs of round shapes with different colors of frames and glasses.

7 pairs of sunglasses that have become iconic

As in Jacqueline Kennedy:Gucci Dragonfly Glasses (£ 209)

Round metal-rimmed glasses

Once upon a time this pair was attributed to the informal to such an extent that only young rocker fans of Ozzy Osbourne wore them, until the Ray-Ban brand took over and released a model that now flickers everywhere,- Sunglasses with black glasses in a metal gilded frame.

7 pairs of sunglasses that have become iconic

Like Ozzy Osbourne:Metal Topshop Round Sunglasses (£ 14)

Hexagon shaped glasses

As Audrey Hepburn is considered to be the trendsetter for sunglasses cats, so this accessory is attributed to its own style icon - British actress Julie Christie, who in the 60s was called the “queen of swinging London”. Christie wore hexagonal glasses with a scarf a la babushka and perfect English trench coats. In the 2000s, these glasses once again made Victoria Beckham famous - at the dawn of Vika’s design career, “hexagons” were her favorite model of sunglasses.

7 pairs of sunglasses that have become iconic

Like Julie Christie:Hexagon-shaped Ray-Ban glasses ($ 175)

Glasses with transparent glasses

Sophia Loren and Diana Ross wore sunglasses with a weak tint that did not darken their eyes in the 60s, and the model that recently returned to fashion: large glasses with completely transparent glass in a thin metal frame - more reminiscent of the iconic “disco” "Glasses of the 70s with colored glasses that belonged to the wardrobe of the then round-the-clock party-goers.

7 pairs of sunglasses that have become iconic

Like Diana Ross:Chloé glasses with clear glass (19,997 rub.)

Sports glasses

In mountain skiing, sunglasses are not a decorative item, but a necessary functional accessory. A distinctive feature of "real" sports glasses is the good quality of the glasses and the massive shape that blocks the penetration of sunlight both directly and on the sides. But fashionable experiments with this model ultimately led to the fact that among sports glasses appeared and fashionable, but completely unsuitable for sports in the mountains version.