An overview of the best running shoes for running

When choosing sneakers for jogging, it is important to find a suitable and most convenient model so that the workouts are comfortable, safe and effective. Find out the features of buying such sports shoes and the best options.

What to consider when buying?

Before you go to the store, answer a few questions:

  1. How do you plan on running? Daily long jogging and professional training require the purchase of the most reliable and high-quality sports shoes, which will be convenient to engage in. If you run several times a week, and even more so occasionally arrange mini-races, then simpler non-professional models will suit for beginners.
  2. In what conditions will you run: in the gym, in the park along smooth asphalt paths, in rough terrain? The surface directly affects the choice: the more complex the conditions and the firmer the support, the better the depreciation should be. And if you want to run at any time of the year, regardless of the weather, then choose a model that will withstand the effects of water and cold, will save your feet.
  3. Do you have any features that require careful selection of shoes? For example, a foot may have a certain structure, which determines the choice of special models. With flat feet, get sneakers with insteps. And if you have a lot of weight, suitable shoes that can withstand significant loads and protects the foot.

Important selection criteria

When buying, be guided by the following selection criteria:

  • Depreciation softens the blows of the feet on the ground and reduces the load on the joints. Such functions are performed by special shock-absorbing inserts located in the areas of heels and socks. And the more your weight, the better should be the depreciation.
  • The sole is an extremely important component of sports shoes, affecting the life and comfort of the runner. It must be sufficiently flexible, and it is possible to evaluate this property by bending the shoe (if it is bent at 40-45 degrees, it will be convenient to practice). This element should not be rigid, so it is usually made from high-quality elastic materials. And in order to run safely on any surfaces, choose a model with a relief sole resembling high-quality car tires with a tread.
  • Sneaker weightThan shoes are heavier, the more difficult it is to run, the more the load on legs. Of course, some athletes use weighting agents, but if comfort and healthy joints are more important to you, then choose a model weighing no more than 200-250 grams (this is the mass of one running shoe).
  • The insole must be made of high quality breathable material and must be easily removed for drying and ventilation.
  • Material. It should be strong, durable, reliable and air-permeable. High-quality modern models are made of keeping the shape of the skin, supplemented with textile that provides ventilation. The frame of the shoe must be rigid enough to provide support for the feet and prevent dislocation. Inspect the seams and joints: they must all be of high quality.
  • The size. Sneakers should be about half the size, as the foot flattens and swells while running. Put on your shoes and try to move your foot back and forth: the optimal move is about 5-7 millimeters. Also, the foot should move about half a centimeter to the sides. The upper part is adjacent to the leg, but the finger fits. If you take the wrong size sports shoes, you risk damaging your nails and getting calluses.
  • Clasp. The best option - elastic lacing. Velcro and buttons quickly fail.

The best sneakers for runs on asphalt

Two models are ideal for asphalt:

  • "Mizuno Wave Rider 18 SS15" will withstand loads up to 90-95 kg, suitable for rubber and asphalt coatings. The sole is made of natural rubber, the upper part is made of well-breathable material with a mesh texture. The leg sits comfortably, sneakers are suitable for beginners and young runners. The disadvantages include twisted laces and the back of the sole, knocking when running.
  • Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 ensures a smooth pitch thanks to cushioning side covers. The upper is mesh and breathable, the insoles have hard toes and soft heels for comfortable cushioning. The sole is rubber, equipped with a tread pattern and gutters, providing good flexibility.

Nice womens sneakers

The list of the best sneakers for the fair sex includes:

  • "PUMA VEGA EVO" is ideal for women, as they have an original bright design and meet the needs of the beautiful half of humanity. They are made of breathable material that provides comfortable jogging. Another plus is convenient and easy-to-use lacing.But for everyday wear and running in bad weather shoes are not suitable, as it gets wet.
  • "REEBOK HARMONY RACER" - excellent women's sneakers. The upper part is devoid of seams, which reduces the risks of discomfort and rubbing during active movements. The heel is made of carbon rubber material and provides a comfortable fit, the rise is not high and is suitable for active movement and running with obstacles. But moisture is detrimental to this model, so it should be worn in good weather or in the gym.

Models for men

The best men's sneakers are models of the Anta brand. The sole is rather thick, made of leatherette and polyurethane. And since it is flexible and soft enough, it will provide cushioning and comfort when running. The lacing is comfortable, the shape of the heel is anatomical, and the insole is able to adapt to the shape of the foot. But for professional long workouts, the option is not suitable.

Sneakers for tough conditions

These models are ideal for running in bad weather or over rough terrain:

  • “Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15” is, first of all, excellent shock absorption, allowing you to run on any surface for a long time.A special sole adapts to the weight of the runner and has a thermoplastic insert in the middle, which will help run off-road and prevent twisting of the feet. Landing is good, the shoelaces are comfortable, the grip is perfect. The main disadvantage is considerable weight.
  • Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX. If rain and slush are not a hindrance for you, choose these sneakers: they withstand moisture and dirt, protect feet from debris and water and are suitable for jogging on a variety of surfaces, including rocky ones. A rubber edging at the front will soften the blows, and a quick lace-up system will save time. Minus - pretty stiff heel.
  • To continue your regular workouts during the winter, select Adidas Rocket Boost. The sole is made of a special foam material that will protect against cracking even in the cold and will not allow the legs to freeze when running in the snow. The upper part has a cuff that prevents damage to the ankle. The interior has a fibrous structure and retains heat. The weight is small, the grip is good. Cons: the possibility of contamination and wetting soles when running in cloudy slushy weather.

These were the best running shoes.

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