Are there mermaids?

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Are there mermaids?

Mermaids are found in the mythology of many nations. This image came to us from ancient times, the first mention of women with a fish tail can be found in antiquity. Whether there are mermaids is an interesting question, because the legends are not based on no place.

These mythological creatures are described in different ways, but most often in legends and tales mermaids are described as beautiful women with a human body, which ends with a fish tail. Mermaid hair is always loose. Mermaids live in reservoirs - rivers, lakes, seas. But sometimes there is a description of mermaids who live in trees or fields. Different nations gave different names to mermaids, so the Eastern Slavs called the mermaid Vila, and the inhabitants of Europe - Undine.

An interesting fact is that even though mermaids are portrayed as beautiful young girls, their image is negatively colored. In many legends it is said that mermaids dragged into the world of dead travelers passing by, more often than men. They attracted the wanderer with their beauty, after which they drew into the water and drowned. The Slavs believed that drowned women become mermaids who will not find peace after death.

Photos, are there mermaids, on the Internet you can find a great many. But it should be understood that this is a computer processing or reconstruction of medieval engravings.

Are there mermaids?

So do mermaids exist: assumptions and facts

Since ancient times, there have been reports of encounters with creatures extremely similar to mermaids.

So many meetings of seamen with mermaids were described. Some sailors tried to speak with mermaids, but the appeals remained unanswered.

In the history of Holland there is also the fact of the existence of mermaids. Several centuries ago, in one of the villages, the family sheltered a mermaid who lived with them for more than fifteen years, the funeral was held according to all the canons of the church.

Theories of the existence of mermaids

In science, there are two basic theories about mermaids.

  1. The first and leading one is hallucinogenic. She says that the sailors, due to a long stay at sea, distort consciousness. Therefore, they see women in the form of marine animals.
  2. The second theory is advanced by oceanologists. They claim that some marine animals, such as manatees, sea sirens, under certain conditions (light refraction, body position) are like a hybrid of fish and humans.

Video, whether there are mermaids, lead some video lovers.But the reliability of these data is very controversial.

Anyway, mermaids remain mysterious creatures, forcing people to build hypotheses and theories.