"Avatar": how to shoot?

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"Avatar": how to shoot?

Avatar was released in 2009 by director and screenwriter James Cameron, the author of the famous Titanic. Who would have thought, but the beginning of the creation of the film falls on 1994, when James Cameron wrote the original script. The film was based on Cameron’s favorite books by Edgar Burroughs about John Carter, the cartoon Pocahontas and The Dancing With Wolves. The premiere of the film took place on December 10, 2009 and in just a few months its box office has exceeded $ 2 billion. The film was shown in the usual format, in 3D-format and in 4D-format, which included smells, water spray, wind, and moving chairs. This film has become a mass religious work, which humanity has not seen before. In our article we will tell who shot the film “Avatar”, where the film was shot and what technologies were used.

Shooting location "Avatar"

Most of the people who have watched this movie are wondering, where did the Avatar shoot? The world depicted in the film is so incredible and exciting that it seems that on our planet it’s just not to find such a place.And yet, here is what is known about the location of the film:

  • The rocky terrain, realized in the film, was written off from the mountain peaks of Huangshan in China.
  • The colony, mining resources on the planet Pandora, was taken from the Noble Clyde Boudreaux oil platform, which is located in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The main filming took place in Wellington (the capital of New Zealand) and in the hangar of Hughes Aircraft in Los Angeles.

All the actors involved in the shooting, trained in horse riding, archery, hand-to-hand combat, and also received the basic skills of handling firearms and learned the alien language "na'vi".

Principles of shooting "Avatar"

With the technology of creating 3D films, Cameron met back in 1996, when he released the 20-minute video "Terminator-2 3D: Battle through Time". It was then that he wanted to shoot a full-length film using three-dimensional space technology, created exclusively with the help of computers. But then the computer tools could not satisfy Cameron, and he postponed the idea of ​​making the film for a while, hoping for the rapid development of computer technology in the XXI century.

After the release of “Avatar” on the screens, Cameron in many interviews admitted that his film consists of 60% of computer graphics and only 40% of ordinary action.All fans of the use of computer technology in the film industry have appreciated Avatar. How was this film made, what methods of graphics were used, and how did Cameron manage to achieve such an unusual picture?

The following computer technologies and tools were used in Avatar:

  • Photorealistic CGI animation using motion capture technology (new virtual shooting of Simulcam, which allowed the director to see the characters in real and virtual dimensions with the possibility of any movement in space).
  • A modified 24-frame-per-second digital 3-D Fusion Camera System, which consists of two modified Sony HDCF950 digital cameras that allowed the director to shoot a stereoscopic image (developed by Cameron and his friend Vince Paice specifically for this movie).
  • Special miniature cameras to capture the facial expressions of the character, allowing you to view the movement of the face from different angles (mounted on the body of the actor with the help of individually selected structures about 6 inches long).
  • Motion sensors that record all the movements of the actors around the site (they were hung up from head to toe).
  • Specially designed Volume system, which has placed about 120 cameras on an area of ​​about 252 square meters.meters in order to shoot mass action from all sides (this allowed us to find the best angle for shooting).
  • Perfect system of supercomputers, created by Microsoft specifically for the filming of the film (so every minute of the footage weighed more than 17 GB).
  • Special software that was designed to create three-dimensional scenes of the world of Pandora (the program "Massive", as well as the lighting program based on "spherical functions").

If you want to watch a movie about how Avatar was shot, the video is above.