Beautiful DIY cards for Christmas

Christmas holidays have always been considered the most light, kind and amazing, because at this time there is an atmosphere of happiness and easy magic, everyone believes and hopes for a better future, all worries and problems are postponed until later, each house is filled with a sea of ​​joy and smiles.

At Christmas, everyone tries to please each other with something, it is customary to give gifts and, of course, postcards, which, unlike most other purchases, are capable of leaving a good memory for you for many years.


Even more interesting and pleasant, if these cards are made by themselves, because such souvenirs will forever preserve the warmth of your hands and store a piece of your heart that you necessarily share, creating homemade masterpieces. All this, of course, is fine, you will say, but to make a truly festive and interesting postcard, you need to have a lot of imagination and skills in design.

In fact, in order to achieve something special, you just have to try, find free time for this, and, importantly, start this business with a good holiday mood.

Your creation will be unique only because it was not printed on a punching machine, and you specifically worked on its creation, so you do not despair if you do not succeed in the first time.


How to make a postcard for Christmas with your own hands? For a start, you can see the finished pictures with images, replenish your imagination with possible options and interesting ideas, and only after that get down to business.

By the way, interesting is the fact that after the civil revolution the New Year and Christmas cards were banned, the new government tried to completely eradicate the people's love for religion and, accordingly, for similar holidays. But they did not succeed, the New Year was nevertheless returned, and the Christmas cards have long been a deficit, so many families began to do it themselves.

Christmas cards. Quilling technique

Recently, the direction in applied art called quilling became very popular.This technique is also sometimes called paper-twisting, because the patterns are actually formed from twisted paper strips. Postcards made in such a technique are always very beautiful and unusual, and thanks to a special twisting technique, they are also voluminous.


In the stationery you can find special sets and even stencils for patterns, however, it is worth noting that if you have never done anything like this, then the first time may not work, because the technique does not belong to simple.

If you do not have time to master quilling, or you just want to do something simpler, then you can always remember the colorful applications that we made in our childhood from colored paper. You will need to choose the pattern you like, if you fail to draw it yourself, and, using scrap materials, paste it with colored clippings.

Very beautiful

To make the result brighter and more colorful, in your Christmas application you can use pieces of foil, for example, to create small snowflakes, pieces of tinsel, beads and beads, which can be replaced with Christmas balls on a fictional paper tree, sparkles, multicolored threads and so on.

Draw a card with your own hands

If you want to make a simpler postcard with which, for example, a child could cope, then, perhaps, there is nothing easier than to draw it. If you feel the power of the artist, then immediately get down to business!

Of course, most often, children take great pleasure in drawing cards, especially if parents help them in the process. It doesn’t matter what you draw with paints or colored pencils, the main thing is desire. Naturally, postcards with paints are a more laborious process, for their creation it is better to choose a dense base, for example, white cardboard, which is folded in half.

Draw it

If you decide to make a postcard with very young children, you can master finger techniques with them. There is nothing difficult. For example, let's draw the main symbol of the New Year and Christmas holidays, the Christmas tree. To do this, fold the cardboard sheet in half, open the jars with paint and dip the finger into a brown color.

Click the same finger at the bottom of the folded cardboard to make the basis for the Christmas tree. Then we dip our fingers into the green paint and leave traces on the cardboard in such a way that before you a fluffy beauty is formed.

When the picture dries out, the pictured Christmas tree should be decorated.In the upper part you can glue a star - it is easy to cut out of colored paper or a piece of beautiful fabric, foil. Instead of globules, you can glue small colored beads or srtazinki. Postcard is ready!

We use other techniques

In fact, to create original and interesting Christmas cards, you can use any material that you come across: combine different styles and ideas, perhaps as a result you can create something completely different from the rest, so to speak, a full exclusive.

The main thing is not to depart from the main theme of the holiday, for which the main symbols of Christmas are used in a special way. To them, naturally, belongs a smart Christmas tree, snow and drifts, angels, snowflakes, Christmas wreaths and so on. Color symbolism is also welcomed: red, green, gold, white and silver have become the traditional “flowers” ​​of Christmas.


For example, postcards created by a combination of threads, pieces of fabric, ribbons and, of course, paper are very interesting. Everything is simple and, at the same time, unusual. Cut out a cardboard cone, which will become a frame for a small Christmas tree.

The workpiece must alternately be wrapped in colored threads of a moulin, the more contrast the colors will have, the result will turn out more colorful. Threads need to wind tightly so that there is no gap. You can thread several beads on the thread to "dress up" the tree, then everything is in your hands.

We glue the finished blank to the folded prepared cardboard (it can be colored, with the Christmas print prepared in advance), you can add a few snowflakes or ribbons to your taste.

Simple and sweet

Be sure to add inscriptions from yourself, fit, as the standard few words, "Merry Christmas!", And foreign "Merry Christmas!".

As you can see, there is nothing difficult, the main thing is to have patience, free improvised materials and, of course, a great desire to create something unusual for your loved ones. Experiment, be inspired and have a good Christmas holidays!

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