Better late than never: Pitt apologized to Aniston?

The rows of fans of the triangle Pitt - Jolie - Aniston are excited with a new portion of rumors about idols. The closest friend of Jen, Chelsea Handler, shares with the news that Brad, after 12 years of silence and a recent course of psychotherapy, decided to call the first ex-wife and ask her for forgiveness for the betrayal and divorce that happened through his fault in the distant 2005- m Allegedly, he held a long-term pause, because Angelina, his second wife, who had filed for divorce last September, was against her husband's communication with the former. And Aniston, according to her friend, accepted the apology and said that she had long forgiven the one who once broke her heart.

Publication by Jennifer Aniston (@jenniferanistononline)Oct 1 2015 at 3:15 PDT

It is curious that a source from Pitt’s entourage claims the opposite: Brad did not call Jennifer and did not ask her forgiveness in any form. The star ex-spouses themselves do not comment on these rumors. But it is authentically known that Pitt congratulated Aniston on his birthday on February 11 of this year. He complained to her of the difficulties in communicating with children that arose because of the divorce from Jolie.

Publication from MaryG.