Blood type diet

As they say, a good diet is rather the right thoughts during a meal. This is certainly true, but at the same time what you eat is of considerable importance. Modern trends in dietology are actively losing weight to develop a diet that would be best suited for their body. This is due to the fact that studies of general diets show poor results. Undoubtedly, every living person, the body has some features, and because of this you need to create the right diet for weight loss, focusing mainly on the properties and characteristics of our body. Some general diets have very bad consequences. Let's discuss this problem, and especially which blood type diet is right for you?

Diet: 1 positive blood group

  • Do not eat foods that contain insulin. These include foods like lentils, wheat, corn, and legumes.
  • Remove cabbage from your diet, you can leave only broccoli. It is necessary to remove the oats and all the products that contain it.
  • Increase the amount of foods that contain iodine. These can be foods such as greens, spinach, broccoli, iodized salt and seafood. Focus on the consumption of daikon, radishes and radishes.
  • A diet in blood group 1 should include increased intake of liver and meat.
  • An active lifestyle is required. Try every day to expose your body to physical stress.

Diet: 2 positive blood type

For people with the second positive blood group, the best choice is a diet for vegetarians. The diet of a person with the second blood group should include various vegetables, greens, legumes, cereals, fruits (except coconut, mandarin, banana), fish (except herring, flounder, halibut, caviar and any seafood), orange juice and tea. It is recommended to drink coffee, red wine, juice (carrot, grapefruit, pineapple and cherry) as drinks. Also, especially recommended to use green tea. The diet according to the 2nd blood group should not include various lemonades, soda and energy drinks. It is also not recommended to use orange juice and black tea.

Diet: 3 positive blood type

  • People with this blood group are almost omnivorous. Their bodies are very flexible and can adapt to different types of food and diet. They can eat fish, meat, eggs, cereals (except buckwheat and wheat), legumes, vegetables (except tomatoes, corn, olives and pumpkins), as well as any fruit.
  • The diet of the 3rd blood group should not include the consumption of pork and chicken meat, as well as seafood.
  • Drinks that are well absorbed by the body of people with the third positive blood group include green tea, herbal teas, beer, juices (except tomato), wine and coffee.
  • To get rid of excess weight, you must exclude peanuts, lentils, wheat, buckwheat, tomatoes and pork.

Diet in blood group 4

For people whose blood belongs to the fourth group, moderate diets are advised. The meat that is best suited for this group is rabbit and lamb. It is also recommended to eat fish and turkey. Seafood is better to exclude. Good effect on the body in the consumption of various dairy products, such as, for example, yogurt, low-fat cheeses and bean curd. In moderate amounts, you must eat nuts, legumes, olive oil, cod liver oil, cereals (except buckwheat and corn).It is recommended to eat all fruits (except sour and sharp) and vegetables (excluding corn, black olives and pepper).

Here are what diets are recommended depending on the blood types of people. This approach to nutrition has established itself as a very adequate method of not only combating obesity, but also a healthy diet. It is necessary that the nutrition of the body is based on its needs. Such an approach will ensure your longevity and health. Leading doctors and nutritionists of the world note that proper nutrition is based not only on an effective and adequate diet for the body, but also on a person’s special attitude towards what he eats. Do not treat the act of eating food as something unimportant. In the end, this way you support your own life.