Boat from plastic bottles with their own hands - photos, videos how to make

Boat from plastic bottles with their own hands

Boat from plastic bottles with their own hands

Have you heard of David Rothschild?


This amazing person, the creator of the “Adventure Ecology” movement, not only carried out and implemented in the framework of the Plastiki project the idea of ​​creating a ship from used plastic bottles in order to attract public attention to environmental problems, but also swam with the team consisting of only six people on this ship Pacific Ocean, showing the world that the used plastic can and should be used or recycled again.


We were so inspired by this idea that we decided to follow David's example and also create a ship from plastic bottles instead of throwing them into the garbage can.


So, we offer you a master class on creating a boat from plastic bottles with your own hands. Its main goal is an interesting pastime with children, coupled with their ecological education (yes,before you start building your own ship - tell them about the damage caused by plastic trash to the environment and about David’s mission in the Plastiki project!). Such a boat is also very useful in the summer as a toy for the garden or a garden, especially if there is a small pond on the site.


The production time of such a product from plastic bottles is about 15 minutes.


Necessary materials:

  • 2 used plastic water bottles or carbonated drinks;
  • Plastic straw for cocktails;
  • Paper or cardboard;
  • Half of any egg carton;
  • Plasticine or mass for modeling (we used Play Doh from Hasbro);
  • Adhesive tape / tape or PVA glue;
  • Stickers, glitter, paint and any other items for the decoration of the product.


Video: how to make a boat out of plastic bottles with your own hands



How to make a boat out of plastic bottles - a master class with photos


1. First you have to make the hull of the boat. Use glue or adhesive tape / tape to glue the flat side of the egg carton to two plastic bottles, as shown in the photo.
2. Now make a sail. Cut a triangle of cardboard or paper and make small holes in its top and bottom.Slide a cocktail straw into these holes and bend its tips so that the sail is held in place. You may need 3 or 4 straws for this. You now have a boat mast with a sail.


Boat from plastic bottles with their own hands


3. Stick some plasticine to the base of your mast with a sail and place it in the middle of the box of eggs that forms the hull of your boat. Now you are almost ready to sail!
4. Now you must make your boat "shiny, like a diamond" (decorate it). Use stickers, glitter, paints and any other decoration items that you like. Make your boat the best in the waters of the ocean!


The result of the work: the re-use of plastic bottles, boxes from under the eggs and straws for a cocktail as a contribution to the preservation of the environment, and as a bonus, interesting leisure time spent with children and moral satisfaction with the results of their work!


Tip: the next time you can invite your child's friends and arrange among them a competition for the best hand-made-boat from plastic bottles. A portion of positive, laughter and fun guaranteed!