Bon Jovi is named the worst rock band in music history.

Bon Jovi last month was included in the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But critics believe that there is no place for musicians. To prove this, the Vulture portal asked music critic Bill Wyman to recall everyone who had been awarded such a high honor and sort out the question.

Bill Wyman has compiled a rating ranging from musicians worthy of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to those who shouldn’t be included there. According to the results, the Bon Jovi group took the last, 214th place in the list. "These guys do not play in a rock band," Bill Wyman issued his verdict. “They just pretend to be in a movie about a rock band.” The critic has a lot of criticism of the collective: he believes that over the past 30 years the musicians have not released a single hit, concentrating all their energy on hairstyles and marketing. And Bon Jovi himself reminds of himself only by shooting in advertising, and is ready to represent anything.