A bouquet of beads

Weaving products from beads is one of the most common types of needlework. This is not strange, because it seems that some products are beyond the scope of human capabilities. In fact, everyone can work with beads and create "unrealistic" compositions too. In this master class you will learn how to make a small bunch of beads. At your discretion, you can create a large bouquet or a whole tree. Everything is so simple that even a beginner can repeat it. And so, to create a bouquet, prepare beads of several colors: • green (for leaves); • lilac translucent (for the middle of the petals); • lilac with silver inside (for the edge of the petals), • black large (middle). Of course, you can choose the colors that you want. Also need a copper wire - choose wire color to the beads, if possible, and of such thickness that two edges can be easily passed through one bead. To imitate the trunk of flowers, you will need a green silk thread and glue to fix the cut threads. You can prepare the wire in advance by cutting it into pieces of 25-30 cm.To create a bouquet we need such segments: 25 pcs. for petals (for 5 flowers), 5 pcs. for midrange, 7 pcs. for leaves. Total: 37 segments.
 different beads
Getting started with petals. Take one piece, dial 2 beads on the first end and thread the second end. Fix the beads in the middle of the segment.
 Starting from the petals
In the same way, dial 3 beads further and pass through the second end.
recruit beads
Doing the same with the other rows. The sequence of a set of beads in rows: 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2. Dole to the end, twist the ends of the wire in a downward direction. Weave the middle pieces. Type one large black bead on a piece of wire, fix it in the center and weave the two ends of the wire as in the picture.
 Bead Set Sequence
In the same way weave 7 leaves . The sequence of bead sets in rows: 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1.
 bead necklace
These are the preparations that should be made you will end up with it. weave 7 leaves
Collect flowers. Take five petals and one core. Form a flower.
Sobermom flowers
Holding your fingers tightly with your fingers so that the flower does not fall apart, take the thread without cutting it off the coil. Bend the end of the thread 1 cm down - so that it does not stick out. Attach the thread close to the petals and start to twist so that each thread fits tightly to each other.
 We wind the thread
We wind the thread a few more centimeters and insert the sheet. We twist the thread further, forming the stem.
 We twist the thread
Twist the thread to the desired length, cut the thread and glue it with adhesive.
we cut the thread and glue it
Form the rest of the twigs, making for each a different length of the stems and the arrangement of the leaves.
We form about tal branches
Please take a few flowers and begin to wrap them together with at the point where there is no thread.Gradually fasten the rest of the flowers, forming a single trunk.
 winding together
We wind the thread to the end and cut the wire so that the end of the barrel is flat.
cut the wire
Cut the thread and fix it with glue.
 Cut the thread and fix it
This is the floral arrangement.
 Bouquet of Bead
 Bouquet of Bead