Bradley Cooper dreamed of becoming a journalist

Bradley Cooper, it turns out, is not only a talented actor, but also a good storyteller! And a great romantic besides. In his youth, Brad wrote stories from his personal life and published them in a local newspaper in Philadelphia (yes, just like the main character of the TV series "Sex and the City"), where he then lived and attended school. One of these essays he devoted to thinking about whether the best friends of the opposite sex can spin the novel and not destroy the friendship. The 1993 story was recently published by one of the journalists from the Philadelphia Daily News, in which Bradley was an intern.

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In his article, the 18-year-old Bradley rather naively talks about how friendship can grow into love. Cooper talks about a girl named Deborah Landes, to whom he always had sympathy, but while she was dating a friend of Cooper, there was no talk of relationships. But that all changed when Deborah broke up with her boyfriend ... "We crossed the line,"- says Bradley about what happened between them later, and is upset that this novel is likely to end as soon as she and Deborah leave for colleges. In a rather naive but touching way, he apparently tried to analyze the first feelings in an adult way.