Cache-pot of a plastic bottle with your own hands - photo, how to make

Plastic bottle pots

Plastic bottle pots

No need to think that a plastic bottle pots look simple and unoriginal. There are dozens of ways to solve the problem of placing flowers or seedlings using products from plastic bottles easily, quickly and effectively. In our master class we will present you some of the most common tricks for this.


Plastic bottle planter: “green wall”


This is a simple and elegant option for garden or garden, in which there is a blank wall without ornaments. To mask such walls often use ivy or other climbers, but to grow to the proper size, they need quite a lot of time. While you can make a wall, almost completely hung pots with flowers or seedlings.


You will need:

  • a wall with nails driven in at regular intervals;
  • plastic bottles (the number and size depends on the size of the wall);
  • twine to hang them;
  • knife (or scissors) and awl;
  • earth and plants.

Plastic bottle pots

1. Prepare the wall: drive in nails at such a distance that you can hang the bottle horizontally on each nail and still have around it, on each side, about 10 cm.


2. Cut a piece of plastic along the side of each bottle (leaving a distance of 4-5 cm to the bottom and neck), pierce the bottom with an awl (for ventilation and water), the cork and the side opposite the “empty” side now with the cut out plastic.


3. Hang the bottle on the string, using the holes in the cap and bottom.


4. Fill it with earth, plant the plants and hang it on one of the nails. Repeat with all bottles.


For heavy bottles, one nail may not be enough; in this case, it is better to place the bottle not on weight, but putting it on two nails that are far from the wall, like on a stand.


The wall will turn into a small green garden from the flowerpots. It is possible to grow seedlings in it, which will not take up much space, and you can make this just for decoration.


Pot of plastic bottle: a lantern

Plastic bottle pots

You will need:

  • large, rectangular plastic bottle;
  • awl, knife, scissors;
  • twine;
  • earth and plants.


1.Cut two pieces of plastic out of the bottle along, not reaching the bottom and strongly retreating from the neck (at least 20-25 cm).


2. Pierce with an awl two openings opposite each other in the sides of the bottle at the very bottom and a few - near the neck for ventilation of the roots.


3. Pass the string through the holes near the bottom.


4. Fill the "lantern" with earth - up to the open sides (as in the photo).


5. Plant the plant and hang the pots neck down where you want.


You got a flashlight - two open sides and jumpers between them, and inside - a plant. Especially spectacular flower pots look like hanging plants.


Plastic bottle planter: transparent stand


This cache-pot also saves space and looks in the spirit of high-tech style - a transparent vertical minimalist tube, an ornament and at the same time the goal of which are only green plants inside it.

Plastic bottle pots

You will need:

  • several transparent plastic bottles (the height of the rack will depend on their number, but a stand higher than 1.5 meters will be stable only if it is additionally secured to the wall or a nearby other object near the middle);
  • knife or scissors.


1.Cut the neck (along the line where the bottle ends).


2. Cut two pieces of plastic from the sides of each bottle, turning the rest of the bottle into almost the same “flashlight” as it was mentioned above, only without a neck.


3. Pierce a few small holes in each bottom with an awl.


4. Fill all the resulting sections of the rack with earth and plant a small plant or seedlings in each of them.


5. Make bottles in each other, as in the designer, and fasten the bottom in the ground or on the floor. Rack ready!