Can I get pregnant with myoma?

Victoria Dmitrieva
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Can I get pregnant with myoma?

Fibroids occur in almost half of women aged 30�35 years. The question of whether you can get pregnant with myoma, remains a pressing issue for a large number of women who suffer from a benign tumor in the uterus.

The formation of a tumor is a consequence of hormonal disorders in the body and inflammatory-infectious processes in the reproductive organs. The same reasons can create an unfavorable environment for fertilization, like the uterine fibroid itself. Can I get pregnant in such a situation, tell the result of the analysis, which is done by a specialist.

Uterine fibroids can affect pregnancy by their location in the reproductive organs and the size of the nodes. There are 3 types of this tumor: on the outer wall of the uterus (subserous), in the middle of the wall (intramural) and unfavorable option for conception - submucous myoma under a thin layer of the shell forming the uterine cavity. Can I get pregnant with myoma? The answer depends on the multiplicity of myoma nodes and their size.They can interfere mechanically: impede the release of the egg, its progress through the fallopian tube, prevent the penetration of sperm into the egg.

An important role for pregnancy is the location of the placenta inside the uterus. If it is attached to a site with fibromatosis, a violation of the blood flow can occur and the elasticity of the uterus will decrease. In this case, there is a risk of abortion.

The ability to get pregnant and make a healthy baby with fibroid is large enough and real. Routine consultations of the doctor and regular examination contribute to the timely detection of fibroids and successful treatment with a positive result.