Causes of red eyes in dogs

The eyes of a dog can tell a lot. And with what their reddening can be connected? Let's find out!


Red eyes may be localized or generalized. In the first case, you can see a separate modified part of the protein, in the second, almost all eyeballs can be red. Some accompanying symptoms may also be observed, for example, differentiation from the eyes or nose, changes in dog behavior (aggression or, conversely, apathy), fever, malaise, lacrimation, and so on.

Why can red eyes occur?

Why can a dog have red eyes? The reasons are the most diverse:

  • Stress. It could lead to rupture of some small capillaries located in the eyes and, accordingly, to reddening of proteins.
  • Adverse weather conditions, for example, dust, strong gusty wind, causing sand to get into the eyes.
  • Excessively active games, overwork, increased physical exertion.If your pet has been running for a long time and is very tired, this too can lead to redness.
  • Eye damage. Trauma can not be manifested in any way, especially if it is stupid. But the redness tells you that something is wrong. Also, it will surely be accompanied by the painfulness of the injured area, amplified by mechanical influences or even touching.
  • Overheat. If the dog has been in the sun for a long time or in a hot place, then its eyes may turn red due to thermal exposure.
  • Such a symptom may signal an allergic reaction. If the dog is prone to allergies, then try to remember if it did not eat new food, whether it was in contact with potential allergens, whether you did not change washing or hygienic means.
  • Various eye diseases are inflammatory, which are caused, as a rule, by the activity of pathogenic microorganisms. These include blepharitis, keratitis, conjunctivitis, uveitis, inflammation of the lacrimal sac and so on.
  • Other diseases or pathologies of organs of vision, for example, glaucoma, retinal detachment, volvulus.
  • Erosions, ulcers and other damage to the sclera.But usually they can be seen on closer inspection.
  • Blocking the tear duct can also cause redness.
  • Common acute infections, for example, pulmonary form of plague, in which there is a lesion of the upper respiratory tract, sometimes the eye.
  • Colds can be accompanied by discharge from the nose and eyes, tearing, redness of the sclera.
  • If the eyes look red for a long time, then the cause may be a disease, accompanied by impaired blood clotting.
  • Tumors localized in the organs of vision or in the immediate vicinity of them.
  • Red eyes can cause some serious diseases of an autoimmune nature, which are extremely difficult to identify.
  • The rupture of small vessels can be triggered by arterial hypertension, that is, increased pressure. Although it occurs infrequently in dogs, it does occur and is usually observed with other diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • An uncommon cause of development of the symptom in question is diabetes mellitus.
  • Redness of eye proteins can lead to anemia associated with iron deficiency.
  • The presence of a foreign body in the eye.Even if there is a small mote in it, it can irritate the mucous membranes and cause their redness.


To establish the exact cause of redness in the eyes of a dog, only a veterinarian can, therefore, having noticed this symptom in the pet, immediately show it to the vet. For diagnosis, he may prescribe such diagnostic procedures as a Gauss-Seidel test, intraocular pressure measurement, a tear test using the Schimmer method, taking cytological material, an ultrasound scan, and diagnostics using the fluorescin staining of the eyeball.

In difficult cases, magnetic resonance imaging of the head, X-ray, computed tomography may be prescribed. But first, the doctor will interview the host, try to assess the overall clinical picture, as well as find out possible factors that could affect the state of the organs of vision.

How to solve a problem?

What if the dog has red eyes? Therapy will depend entirely on the reasons that led to the appearance of such a symptom. Treatment should be directed to their elimination and may include the following directions:

  1. For redness associated with irritation of the mucous membranes (for example, wind or sand), you can use drops, such as “Natural Tear”.
  2. How to treat redness caused by various eye infections? In this case, veterinarians prescribe local drugs in the form of various ointments or drops with antibacterial or anti-inflammatory effect. But first you need to find out the causative agent of the disease and determine its sensitivity to these or other active components.
  3. Serious diseases should be eliminated with the help of complex treatment.
  4. If a foreign body is present in the eye, it should be removed. But such manipulation should be entrusted to a specialist.



  • Do not try to examine the eye yourself, you can only aggravate the situation and increase the damage.
  • Even if outwardly the dog looks absolutely healthy, and no other symptoms are observed, you still need to show it to the vet, especially if the redness is observed for a long time. It can be a signal of dangerous diseases.
  • Try to remember after what events such a symptom occurred.
  • Do not start self-medication, it can not only help but also harm.

Be careful about the health of your pet, so that he always feels great and is healthy.

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