Chamomile Meadow Headband

To make such a bandage you need:
- ready knitted headband. - scissors. - tweezers.
- wide satin ribbons of green and white colors. - beads of gold coloring. - gun for working with hot glue. - contour for working with fabric. - large beads of silver color.
The sequence of creating jewelry. To begin with, we prepare squares of white ribbon from the white ribbon with sides equal to 5 cm. Since the width of the ribbon is already of this size, we cut only the required length. Then we take one blank and give it a triangular shape, bent diagonally.
 bent diagonally
Take an angle opposite the longest side of the part, marking the center of the workpiece . Now we gently fold the corner to this center with one hand, tightly combining the cuts.
And also fold from the second side,holding the edges with your fingers.
we bend
In the middle we get a line of bends, on which we fold the detail in half.
>img src="" alt="bend" title="bend">
Corners that were held with fingers , carefully trimmed and singed, soldering them. So make out the length of the petal.
Now cut off the excess tape along the depth of the petal.
Attach to the prepared dressing created by daisies, placing them side by side with each other.
We supplement the daisies with triple leaves and attach to a large bug flower. We decorate with large beads, placing them at a short distance.
Now we draw a bandage with a contour with silver sparkles, draw thin lines around the centers of flowers and large beads . The chamomile meadow dressing is ready!