Check car by wine code: recommendations and tips to motorists

Check car by wine code: recommendations and tips to motoristsMany domestic car enthusiasts do not even know what a car number wine is. And this is a big omission that should be caught up! After all, this prop can contain very important and useful information for the motorist. You can even check the car on the wine code for participation in an accident, whether the car is not taken on credit, etc.

What is the wine code and how to break through the car on the wine code

With information on how to punch the car on the wines code, it is easy to learn about the state of the car. But first, let's talk in more detail about what vin-kod is.

This is the identification number of the machine that is assigned by the manufacturer during production. In other words, as soon as the machine leaves the assembly line, it is assigned this number. This applies to cars that have been released since the 80s. The format of this code is described in ISO3779. He was accepted back in 1977 in America, and most manufacturers adhere to this particular format. You can check the car by wines code, knowing these numbers.Usually vin-kod consists of 17 characters, among which there are Latin letters and numbers. And each of them hides important technical data.Check car by wine code: recommendations and tips to motorists

How to break through the car on the wine code. Index decryption

If you want to check the car on the wine code, then you should be able to decipher this very number.

  1. The first three digits are the country of manufacture of the machine. The first symbol is the country where the car was produced. The second is the index of the manufacturer's factory, the third is the type of transport (car, truck, etc.).
  2. From the 4th to the 8th character is the technical data of the car. It contains all the information: from model to engine type, body, etc.
  3. The 9th symbol is given an important role, because this is the check digit, which determines if the number is correct or not. If it is not correct, then the last characters will be blurry, interrupted. Thus, it is possible to identify whether the car was stolen. This knowledge will certainly help you if you want to know how to punch the car according to the wine code.

If there is such a need, you can check the car on the wine code on the Internet. It is especially important for those car owners who want to make sure that everything is fine with their car, and the problems will not arise afterwards. This will help some special Internet sites.For example, to break through a car by a wine code, you can at this address This can be done in two ways:Check car by wine code: recommendations and tips to motorists

  1. Chargeable;
  2. Is free.

Of course, the paid base has more advantages, since you will receive a more detailed report on the car. But if you are satisfied with a brief report, then a free car check by the wine code will suit you. To break through the wine code of the car and get the most detailed information, you have to spend from 25 to 100 dollars.

In addition, you can use the official site of the manufacturing plant, where you will receive information on how to check the car on the wine code. By simple prompts you will find answers to any questions.

If you decide to learn more about cars by wines code, then, for sure, you will be interested in the following data:Check car by wine code: recommendations and tips to motorists

  • Is it not limited to auto registration actions in the traffic police;
  • Whether the car is subject to collateral or credit;
  • Does the car appear in the database of debtors of individuals?

Also, if you punch a car through the wines code, you can learn about the history of ownership of this vehicle.