Christmas socks made of felt

BeautifulChristmas socks made of feltfor home decoration.

Materials and tools:

  1. paper and pencil;
  2. white, red and black felt
  3. sewing machine;
  4. glue gun;
  5. scissors;
  6. multi-colored fabric, ribbons
  7. Christmas decorations.

Step 1

We draw a sock on a piece of paper and cut it out. We transfer the pattern to red and black felt and cut out two parts for each sock: 2 of red and 2 of black felt.

Next, put together 2 parts of the sock of red felt and sew them on a typewriter, turn it out. We do the same with black felt parts. If there is no machine, then the parts can be glued together with a hot-melt gun.

Step 2

It remains to decorate socks. Cut rectangles from white felt and glue (or sew) a sock on top.

We glue a beautiful bow and snowflakes.Decorations can be absolutely any - which ones you like best.

At the end of the ribbon we make a loop and sew to the sock.

AllNew Year's sock made of feltis ready.