Church holiday November 15

The day is named after the martyr Akindin, who, together with the martyrs Pigasy and Anempodist, was the court official of the Persian king Sapor II (310-381) and suffered with them for the Christian faith. Being captured by a denunciation and called upon to be judged by the king, the martyrs fearlessly confessed their faith in the Holy Trinity. The king ordered them to be whipped. The weary executioners alternated two times, and the tortured ones didn’t shout or moan from afar. Even the king could not stand the strain and lost consciousness. Everyone considered him dead, but the saints appealed to God, and the king came to his senses. When he woke up, Sapor accused the martyrs of witchcraft and ordered them to be hung over the fire to suffocate them with smoke. But the fire went out, the ropes with which they were tied up, fell apart. When the king asked how it happened, the martyrs told him about Christ, who creates such miracles. Blinded by fury, the king began to blaspheme the Name of the Lord. Then the saints exclaimed: "Let your mouth be silent," and the king was numb. Distraught with fear and rage, he gestured to order the martyrs to be taken to prison.They could not understand him, and he began to rage: he tore off his mantle, tore his hair, beat his face. Akindin felt sorry for him and in the Name of the Lord allowed him to be dumb. But this time the king explained everything with a witchcraft and continued to torment the sufferers. They were laid on an iron grate and lit a fire under it. Suddenly it started to rain and extinguished the flame. Seeing miracles, many believed in Christ and declared their faith; the martyrs called on those who believed to receive the baptism sent down on them by the rain. The king, seeing how the number of Christians is growing and how the torments of the saints strengthen the Christian faith, announced to the people that their heads would be cut off, but their bodies could be taken by Christians for burial. When the martyrs were led outside the city walls to the place of execution, a huge crowd accompanied them, glorifying Christ. By order of the king, the warriors killed all the Christians, about 7,000, who were marching in procession. Also look at all the church holidays in November and a convenient calendar, where all the church holidays of this year are distributed by months. It is convenient to watch what is a church holiday today.



Akindin kindles a barn, and Pigasy sun extinguishes.
From Akindin through the villages, the tapping of the muzzles and the chains was constantly heard.Pressed hemp and flax, continued to thresh bread.