Contact form when meeting

When acquaintanceHow to apply to people when acquaintance

In business, the position plays a key role in acquaintance, since it allows you to determine the position of a person among others. It is necessary to know this, so that when people get to know people feel comfortable (which, in turn, facilitates a casual conversation).


When introducing someone, always call your rank or position (for example, Professor Preobrazhensky), even if it is your close friend. You can call your aunt's relative Anya, but you need to present it like this: Accountant Anna Ivanovna Brockhaus. People want to know with whom they communicate, and draw the necessary conclusions from your words.


Do not think that immediately after meeting you can contact the person only by name. Wait until he offers it. Add "Madam", "Mr." The transition to treatment by name is usually very fast. However, you still have to wait until the person himself suggests calling him by name only. Let the example in this you give the boss or a person occupying a higher position in the business hierarchy.


Our useful tips will help you when you do not know how to contact a person - by name or officially, it is better to choose the second.


If in the past a person held a responsible post for a long time (for example, he was ambassador, military leader, or president), this title remains with him for life. It can be used when handling, for example, Mr. General, Mr. Ambassador.