Corporate on Defender of the Fatherland Day

Ahead, the Defender of the Fatherland Day and each working group (of course, in the female composition), by the established tradition, puzzles how to organize a corporate party on February 23, to celebrate this day with dignity, fun and interesting.


Corporate on Defender of the Fatherland Day

From the history of the holiday

The armed uprising of the Bolsheviks in November 1917 was a challenge for Soviet power. She had to wage a struggle not only against an external enemy, but to struggle with the disagreement of citizens to adopt domestic policy.

In the meantime, the German troops were a growing threat, and the Soviet government had no choice but to resolutely call on the people to defend the state. To this end, February 23 was announced the day of the Red Army - the day of protection against the "Kaiser" troops.

The people responded and joined the fight with the new forces against the enemy, and the anniversary of February 23 became a symbol of the day of the defense of the Fatherland.

How can corporate be on February 23 at the office?

Corporate on Defender of the Fatherland Day

Each team has its own traditions of celebrating such dates.Some make the holidays large-scale and unforgettable, while others can simply congratulate men at work for a tick and not break away from the work process.

Based on the level of relationships in the team and the intensity of the festive passions, the scenario for February 23 may be different for corporate parties (for example, for teachers and colleagues the type of celebration will differ):

  1. Organize a short congratulation in the lunch break. This will be an official, "dry" celebration, without fun. Minimum treats, symbolic gifts, toast and applause.
  2. Arrange a full-fledged corporate (party), with a thoughtful script, quizzes, skits.
  3. Get together at the end of the working day and spend the evening somewhere in a restaurant or other cozy place.

The first and third options of special resourcefulness does not imply, and the second will require some work. For a basis, you can take the standard algorithm of actions described below:

  1. Decide on the cabinet in which the celebration will be held, and where you will cover the table. Ordering specially for this day, the hall in the restaurant still does not make sense, because this is not the scope of the celebration. Create a festive atmosphere - decorate the cabinet a little.The easiest option - balls in camouflage colors.
  2. Make a menu. For him, a buffet of canapés, sandwiches, traditional pickles is better suited. Select the drinks.
  3. Consider in advance exactly how you will congratulate the heroes of the occasion. It will be a common gift or for everyone on purpose. In the first case, simplify your work, in the second - you will have to be creative. Choose gifts useful! For example, the annual supply of coffee.
  4. Prepare some funny contests and quizzes with gifts.
  5. Consider the format - an interesting option to come up with a nomination for each male employee and hand over the insignia (diplomas, medals). Also a good option is to arrange a photo session in the form (which you can bring in advance) or come up with a wall for a photo session. Also a good option would be a sketch and a parable about a man.
  6. Pick up some music tracks so that it's not boring even when everyone is a little tired.

The plan of the holiday on February 23

Corporate on Defender of the Fatherland Day

Since the tradition to celebrate Fatherland Defender's Day continues to live, it will be wrong to ignore it. In many work collectives, festive events are celebrated, and festive feasts are held.

We offer a holiday plan for 15-30 people with a time calculation from three to 6 hours.

Items of expenditure and collateral:

  1. Gifts.
  2. Cocktail.
  3. Requisites for contests.
  4. Prizes
  5. Camera, music.
  6. Choice of the host.

It is worth following the holiday plan, which involves the following items:

  • Greeting (official part, congratulations and gifts).
  • Meal.
  • Entertainment for a meal.
  • Contests.
  • Completion.

Greetings to corporate

Corporate on Defender of the Fatherland Day

How to speak, at first there was a “word”. Therefore, any holiday begins with an official greeting - congratulations and gifts. Reflect on making it short and cheerful. It is best to perform it in a poetic form.

Come up with personalized gifts for everyone and be sure to say a few pleasant words for your men.

Buffet table

Men love to eat well. Depending on the foundations of the team and the time allotted for the celebration, you can create a quick menu or a solid meal. It should be noted that the tastes of men are not limited only to sweet and fruit, so you need to cook something more serious. Consider the corporate party scenario for February 23, and March 8 will also be a great success!

To eat food was not boring, come up with humorous tests.For example, prepare several cards with comic titles and invite men to choose any of them. Naturally, not knowing what title will be written on the reverse side. Examples of inscriptions can be: “Dexterous”, “Casanova”, “Sexual giant”, “Ideal husband”, “The bravest”, “The fastest” and others.

You can make journals from magazines to arrange pictures not only with inscriptions, but also with interesting images. Be correct and make sure that the inscriptions do not offend or hurt the dignity of the employee!

Contests for February 23 for the corporate

Corporate on Defender of the Fatherland Day

After the buffet, you can safely proceed to the competitions. They are great heat the passions because of the presence of the competitive component. You can arrange competitions with direct rewarding, or you can build a program of several competitions, for the victory in which the participant has points. At the end of the celebration, the points are added up and the winner is determined.

You can generally do without an open determination of the winner, and arrange a secret ballot system so that the winner will be assessed by the majority, because it is often the case that a participant may not do the job properly, but earn the sympathy of the audience.

You can come up with a variety of rating systems, depending on your preferences. An excellent option will be to combine several, but this can be said at the end of the competitions.

Contests can be only two categories:

  • Check of physical abilities (for example, the game "Darts", push-ups, bar, the ability to drink, and others);

Note! You can find standards for physical training for the army and make an improvised recruitment into the army.

  • Verification of intellectual abilities (the best toast, krastra, the solution of simple mathematical or logical problems, the competition for the best compliment).

You can, of course, complicate the task - to combine with each other. For example, wrung out - said a toast - drank.


Corporate on Defender of the Fatherland Day

In between the contests, you can carry out unloading quizzes - ask funny banal questions. The one who gives the most correct answers will win. Examples of questions are the following:

Rides, but not the car.

(answer example, carriage)

What is the difference between a banana and the sun?

(an example of a banana answer is yellow, and the sun is round)

Long, but not tram, fast, but not an airplane.

(answer example, train)

What is flies and glitters?

(example of answer, eagle with a gold crown)

Can a dog call himself a friend of man?

(example of answer, no, she can't talk)

The less you pull, the more you lose.

(answer example, cigarette)

Why does the chicken have no hands?

(example answer, because she eats cool)

Short puzzles are very popular in all groups. You can prepare a long list of puzzles in advance and arrange short quizzes from time to time. In the continuation of the list of puzzles, you can use the following questions:

  1. When does the chef stay in a headless office? (answer when poking his head out the window).
  2. What is the speed at which the dog is running so that it does not hear the ringing of the tied pans to its tail (either zero or supersonic)?
  3. What wheel in the car does not rotate on the right turn? (Spare).
  4. How to make an elephant out of a fly? (think up an excuse why I could not hand over the work on time)
  5. Why don't we see air? (because it is not visible)
  6. Define the word ... (choose any funny word).
  7. How to find your tail? (become a comet).
  8. What is "crawling, crawling and eating stone? (creeping stonework)
  9. What is “crawling, crawling and eating a tree? (a creeping little stone, there is a tree).
  10. A pet on the letter "t" - (cockroach).
  11. Pets with the letter "d" - (two cockroaches).
  12. Which hand is better to stir the coffee in the office? (Better spoon).

Riddle about Lena

Father Leni has 5 daughters: Lilya, Lyalya, Lily, Lyalo. What is the 5th name? (answer, Lena).

As you can see, there are plenty of ideas for corporate parties, the main thing is to work a bit and get ready. Consider that every person, including your employees, has a different sense of humor, not all jokes understand (you should avoid joking about Lena with the last name Golovach, at least in the presence of the company's management). Focus on the team, so that any corporate party has a healthy and joyful atmosphere.