Cry from the heart...

I had a perfect relationship, the perfect guy who did everything for me. Years of disappointment in the past, and he ... the exact opposite, noble, intelligent, well-mannered, successful and damn good-looking, I was happy with him. I did not think that I could love anyone so much. But I lost my happiness.

Almost 3 months ago, due to my mistake, we had a very bad fight, everything went towards parting, but he did not let go, no matter how angry he was at me. But alas, the relationship was no longer the same as before, the quarrels became more ... he was sometimes aggressive, how tender and caring before. I did not understand his behavior, he could quarrel for any reason and the next day come to me saying how he needed and what he was not ready to let go, but after a couple of days everything repeated.

But at some point his aggression, his negativity began to go out of the box, he became very rude and nervous. After watching a couple of days, I began to doubt whether he needed this relationship. She started a conversation, to which he began to deny everything, said that he needed me and he did not intend to part. Literally 2 days later, we again quarrel over nothing, and he breaks off all relationships.Without really explaining anything, I tried to talk to him, but he did not go to the conversation, he reacted negatively to my every attempt to talk ...

I do not believe that he can just take it and destroy everything, knowing that I am sure that he still has feelings, but he doesn�t want to return according to his words ... but I, in turn, are not ready to just let go person

I once called him recently, he answered the call without slowing down, as if waiting for a call, we talked very calmly, and he said that he wanted to remain friends. Friends? Really? We can not be friends! We are too much connected from the past! And then bam are ... and became friends! Rave!

Friends are friends, but there is jealousy, a habit of control, and even to some avatars is far from friendly. I say you are my friend and everything is so nervous, I begin to reach out for him, he says that we decided to be friends! Gospadiai contradicts himself, wants to return everything, but either he cannot decide, or God understand what!


Honey, if the relationship is badly damaged, then in some cases you can fix it and return it back, in the rest it�s impossible to return respect and good attitude.And here is a question for you - are you ready to be with a man who treats you the way this man relates? If you are going to save the relationship, you hope that his attitude will change. But think about this if it is not distorted and will be exactly the same. Are you ready to keep the relationship? Imagine that the wish was fulfilled, you got married, your children were born, and he behaves that way before them. Are you ready for the fact that your future children will see such an attitude of dad to mom? If you hope that it will change, then it is very difficult to get it from a person. If the relationship has passed some kind of face, then return them back is very difficult. If you want to try, then try to reconcile, arrange a honeymoon, when you do not quarrel, do not row. For your part, do not provoke any situations. For a month, you behave like a silk-marmalade, but if after a month you see aggression, negativity, then consider whether you need such a relationship. After all, you are a person with all your heart, but he does not appreciate it.