Cupboard under the sink: arrange storage space

A cupboard under the sink is a storage place for detergents, without which the kitchen can not be dispensed with. But the abundance of bottles, bubbles and brushes does not help maintain order and ease of use. We will give you a few tips on how to properly organize your workspace.

Would you like to make the most efficient use of space? Then engage both horizontal and vertical plane.

On sale you can find ready-made multi-tier plastic structures that easily fit into standard size cabinets.

For the storage of cloths and napkins convenient to use rotary hangers in the form of slats. The design is simply screwed to the inner wall of the cabinet.

The easiest way to place a few deep drawers is to set up a barbell that will support them.

This solution is convenient because it allows you to place mesh baskets at an angle.During the operation you do not have to bend or squat to find the right thing.

The bar and itself can be the basis for suspending the bottles.

According to the designers, it is most convenient to build a retractable bottom for storing bulky bottles and cans. With his help, the landlady can easily get all the means of household chemicals.

To do this, install additional pallets, and hang shelves closer to the sink. A multi-tiered structure can accommodate much more than a conventional single-pedestal cabinet.

Such a pallet can be made from the old box of suitable sizes. To complete the image, it is better to paste it with the same film that was used to decorate the inner walls.

Having made hanging shelves and pallets sliding, you will provide yourself with free access even to the far corners of the inner filling of the curbstone.

For storing small-sized bottles, napkins and other small items, it is better to purchase containers with perforated walls.

Containers with household chemicals are recommended to be stored separately from protective gloves, sponges and brushes. To adhere to this rule, engage the vertical plane of the door.

The same modules can be used in the arrangement of other working lockers in the kitchen.

Ready storage systems will not be difficult to find in specialized stores. They can be made of plastic or metal.

To create pockets, you just need to fasten the modules with screws to the inside of the door.

In the deep pockets of compact designs easily fit bulky cutting boards, so you can save space on your work surface.
Council As pockets you can easily adapt metal organizers for folders.

The walls of spacious hanging pockets will provide free ventilation of the items stored in them and easy access to the contents.

How to place the garbage bags so as not to waste time on unwinding the rolls and keep them in a neat appearance? Build a suspended structure.

For the manufacture you will need two slats with a length of 30-40 cm round section D 8-10 mm and suspensions with a set of screws.

Suspensions are placed in two rows, maintaining a distance between them of 20 cm. The distance between the suspensions in a row is determined, focusing on the length of the rail, so that after installation on each side of the retainer, protruding ends are 4-6 cm long.

The rail is buried in the center of the roll and suspended from the structure.

Placing the rolls at such a distance from each other, you do not have to worry that they will interfere with the rotation. The compact design takes up minimal space, but allows you to keep all the necessary items at hand.

Share your opinion about how your pedestal under the sink is suitable for the realization of these ideas.