Designer Furniture: Trends 2018

Furniture trends 2018 allow you to combine styles, which allows you to define an individual style for each user. Personalization of the interior in accordance with the trends of 2018 with a manifestation of their own emotions is aimed at minimalism: we get rid of things that do not carry any functional load.

What will be relevant in 2018?

The use of natural materials, functional parts of the interior, decorative lighting and practical - the main components of the 2018 season. To revitalize the design, you should pay attention to the new zoning ideas and bright colors that will allow you to match fashion trends. Natural shades of the earth's color must be diluted with rich green, purple, blue, blue and honey tones.

How to equip an apartment in a modern style?

Urban housing becomes more compact, so not a small area should be able to rationally accommodate useful things.Versatile in use and useful furniture will help in the design of small rooms and will allow you to feel comfort and convenience. That's why folding tables, hidden and folding beds, modular sofas forminterior design 2018. Trendsthis year use natural materials: textile fabrics, natural stone and wooden untreated furniture.

Modern designis based on the style of these areas:

  • High-tech suggests an abundance of glass and metal without brightness and is aimed at simplicity in the details and technology;
  • Functional minimalism with pastel shades and the play of black and white colors is aimed at spiritual peace;
  • Scandinavian direction with cold shades of blue, gray and white stands out with abstract collages, a harsh and uncompromising character.

Current trends in interior designinvolve the use of simple and clear lines without excessive angularity. Lighting in large quantities at the root help to change theinterior 2018.

Importance - in detail ...

Monophonic pillows, strict screens,modular storage systems, functional shelves, an abundance of glass and metal surfaces, glossy stretch ceilings, floral patterns - simple and spectacular things that can not stand the ostentatious luxury. Rational use of original accessories will create a comfortable and unique microclimate in any room.