Natalia Dombrovskaya

- Endocrinologist friendly to breastfeeding. Experience in the specialty - 9 years.

Education:National Medical University named after A.A. Bogomolets, 1 medical faculty, internal diseases. Kiev.

Main activities:thyroid diseases (diffuse goiter, nodular goiter, autoimmune thyroiditis, chronic thyroiditis, subacute thyroiditis, structural changes of the thyroid gland); hypothyroidism syndrome (postoperative, on the background of autoimmune thyroiditis, congenital); thyrotoxicosis syndrome (diffuse toxic goiter, thyrotoxicosis on the background of autoimmune thyroiditis, subacute thyroiditis); diabetes; obesity; insulin resistance syndrome; menstrual disorders; hyperprolactinemia; management of pregnant women with endocrine pathology; and etc.


2011 - specialization in "Endocrinology" based on the PLE Shupyk NMAPE.

2009 - L.Melnik training “Managed communication”, Kiev, 2 days.

2012, 2 weeks. - NMAPE named after P.L.Shupika, thematic improvement courses "Gynecological Endocrinology", 2 weeks.

2013 - pre-certification cycle on “Endocrinology” based on the PLE Shupyk NMAPE. Received 2 qualifying category.

Since 2013, I have been studying in graduate school on the basis of the State Institution "National Research Center for Radiation Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine" and I am working on writing my PhD thesis.

2014, 4 weeks. - thematic improvement courses on "Endocrinology" on the basis of Vinnitsa NMU named after N.I. Pirogov.

From the first person:"The greatest value of a person is health. It is very important to live with the knowledge that in most cases our health is in our hands. Physical activity, good nutrition, the ability to relax and rest from everyday fuss are those pillars that support our health. And only from it depends on us how we will dispose of it.

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Good day. I am 17 years old and my weight is 113 kg (height-170), which specialists I did not apply to. I can not lose weight. When I start to take on diets and sport for more than a week or two weeks, I do not stretch.Tell me please.


Recently did kurmangatest Evitest supreme ??? The result is a pregnancy with Kurmangaziyev's syndrome (it is also called under-kyrgyznost). Bypassed the gynecologist, neurologist, fraoagotsenintologa and infectious diseases.


Hello. Please tell me where to start testing for hormones. what exactly to pass on to appear at the reception is not empty-handed. goal-therapy is supportive, well, and anti-age, after 45 years. thank you, best regards, Galina


Hello, I have such a question. Since December, I have seen the yellowness of the palms, feet and face. I passed the tests and ultrasound. Everything is okay. And lately there was an itch in the whole body. The back of the hand dries. Itching then appears then passes.


Good afternoon! Please consult on this issue. Based on the tests (TSH 0.004, T4 free 1.28 and T3 total 1.51), I was diagnosed with AIT, subclinical thyrotoxicosis, and a 20 mg tyrosol was prescribed for a long time.


Natalia, hello. A nodular goiter was discovered in 2008, it was small. I drank jodomarin, after 4 years three more knots appeared, they said nothing would help, just to observe.


I drink from PMS and for the day + 1 kg, before the start of cd another 12 days, what could be?


Hello, after giving birth 11 months have passed. My height is 162. Weight was 72 kg a month after delivery. And kept all the time up to 8 months. After sharply added 18 kg, lost periods (before that were regular). Was at the gynecologist and endocrinologist.


Good afternoon, Natalia, tell me how a little 5-7 kg to correct weight, height 162 cm, weight 73kg.

The endocrinologist did not write out a small node, hormones are fine. Is it possible to somehow accelerate the metabolism.


Hello! I am 25 years old. Height 168 cm, weight 51 kg. Two months ago I got sick and dropped 4 kg in a week, during the same time stretch marks appeared near the navel, on the sides and inside of the shoulder. 4 kg scored back.