Fashion Spring 2015, fashion trends

Fashion Spring 2015, fashion trends“Take my friend one piece of advice: it is very important who is dressed in what. People, my dear, almost everywhere judge others only by suit, whether you like it or not, ”is sung in a famous song from the movie“ Without Family. ” Almost everyone wants to wear stylish clothes, understanding how important appearance is. For a girl, admiring glances increase self-esteem, and for a man the right outfit is a sign of high social status. What are the fashion trends of spring 2015? Read about this in our article.

For women

In the upcoming season, comfort is of the essence. Therefore, choose what you will feel confident and free. For casual clothes, you can choose your shirt with various patterns in combination with narrow trousers. Do not lose relevance and denim clothing.

Remember that a shirt should be lighter than a skirt or jeans. Ladies with magnificent shapes can breathe freely: narrow outfits in the spring of 2015 will not be in vogue. Popularity will conquer loose styles and layering.As for skirts, long chiffon models are gaining popularity in the spring-summer 2015 season. If you want to bare and show your legs, choose mini-skirts and choose shoes for them with a small heel. At the peak of popularity next spring, a shortened top made of lightweight materials or leather became. It can be worn both in spring and summer.

Choose bright prints, ethnic and geometric patterns. The strip is also in trend in the upcoming season. But remember that striped clothes visually make you lower. Examples are shown in the photo below.

Fashion Spring 2015, fashion trends

As for outerwear, jackets in the spring of 2015 can be simple and concise. In the upcoming season there appeared a fashion for characters from fairy tales. To create an image of the snow queen, decorate your jacket with fur. And for the image of a romantic and elegant young lady buy a coat of designers such as Miu Miu and Max Mara. As for materials, models from silk and lace, as well as clothes of the 70s, will become hits.

From shoes you can safely choose shoes with a flat sole and ballet flats. Remember - the main thing is comfort. Of course, classic studs are also popular from year to year. They are complemented by a sharp sock.Designers in their collections also present closed spring shoes and boots and boots.

Fashion Spring 2015, fashion trends

Pink, blue, beige and lilac became popular colors in the upcoming season. Fancy, femininity and elegance are in fashion. Therefore, choose gentle light shades and do not lose. The more ornaments and patterns, the better. For dinner, the restaurant will suit the classic black dress Coco Chanel from velvet. And for the office, you can choose a strict blue pants and a light jacket.

For men

In the spring of 2015, both sporty and classic will be in fashion. Choose a regular suit for work, complementing it with a thin leather belt, and prefer a free baseball shirt in a tandem with sports pants and a jacket for a walk. Designers also highlight the strip among the models. In the summer in striped sea clothes you will look great on the waterfront.

Fashion Spring 2015, fashion trends

Extravagant mods can wear pink suits. This color is no longer associated only with women's clothing. As you can see in the photo, trending crimson, red and pale pink shades.

Fashion Spring 2015, fashion trends

And, of course, the 70s came into vogue not only in women's clothing.Men can choose a V-neck jumper, a jacket of that era and a hat. Having done a pile, you can safely go to a rock and roll party!