Features of care for a fine-wrinkled type of aging

The fine-wrinkled type of facial aging is inherent in Europeans and Americans with a slender physique and dry skin, in women in our country it is found only in ten percent of cases. What is the reason for such regional dependence? It may be that a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, proper balanced nutrition and facial skin care - a hallmark of a person - have long been cultivated in Europe and America, because it is the complex of all the above measures that prevent contour deformation and sagging of the skin.

A feature of this form of age-related changes is the appearance of early facial wrinkles in the area of ​​the forehead and lips, crow's feet in the eye area, with omission of the eyelids, which does not fundamentally change the appearance, but simply gives it some wisdom, good nature and naturalness of the process itself. For women with this type of aging, there is a very precise definition - “it is aging beautifully”.

Signs of predisposition

If you have a thin build and thin skin, no tendency to gain weight, then most likely your type of aging is a “wrinkled face”, which, although resembling a baked apple, remains well recognized with natural contours. Signs that indicate a predisposition to this type of development can be:

  • the presence of dry and thin skin, prone to redness with irritation, which at the onset of mature age resembles parchment;
  • the presence of poorly developed subcutaneous fat with good muscle tone, which remains for a long time in order to preserve the structure of the face;
  • sharp oval face;
  • thin physique or its rate.

Process mechanism

What is aging by the type in question? This is a rather early appearance of wrinkles - by the age of thirty-five, along with a decrease in the volume of the face, similar to its even drying. Women, looking in the mirror, every day find more and more small wrinkles on different parts of the face, which persist even in the absence of mimicry.

Precursors of age-related changes cover the cheeks, forehead and interbrown space, the zones around the eyes, and above the upper lip you can see small vertical wrinkles.And the swelling of the skin is absent, and the contour lines remain clear. The process triggers such reasons as:

  • age-related drying of the skin;
  • a significant decrease in collagen production;
  • lack of production of sebum to create a protective layer,

which requires proper care aimed at improving the lipid barrier with the nutrition of the skin.

Recommendations of specialists

What to do to smooth out age processes, to postpone the further spread of wrinkles and to refresh-rejuvenate the face, hiding most of the wrinkles from prying eyes? There are several ways to combat aging, but their combination gives amazing results. Recommended:

Prefer nutritional and moisturizing masks, the most relevant for this type of aging and available for home manufacture and use. Be sure to use as a component products with retinol - the least aggressive form of vitamin A, for exposure, nourishment and hydration of the deeper layers of the skin, smoothing shallow wrinkles and preventing new ones.

Use algae masks for lifting effect, and gel, to moisturize the skin, relieve itching, stop peeling, restore elasticity of the skin. For example, to soften the skin and smooth facial and other wrinkles, make a mask with gelatin.

The main component is poured twice with a large volume of freshly squeezed natural juice, placed in heat for swelling. Then the mass is removed in the cold, to thicken to a gel-like consistency, but not very high density. The resulting home remedy is applied to the face, keeping a third of the hour. Then rinse with warm water.

  1. To carry out constant care for dry and thin skin, nourishing, intensively moisturizing and protecting it with the help of special means. It can be a cream, based on polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A and E, hyaluronic acid, natural oils, including jojoba oil with macadamia, karite with an enotera. Regular use of creams restores the protective layer of sebum, improves elasticity, actively nourishes the skin.
  2. Do not neglect the cosmetological procedures to restore damage to the thin skin, the effects of ultraviolet radiation, cleaning using surface-median peels.
  3. Use massage, but do it with the help of fast and superficial movements, with extreme caution and delicacy, without causing injury to the vessels and skin.
  4. Do not abandon gymnastics, as an effective tool with a fine-wrinkled type, but on a contactless basis. For example, a simple posture exercise that allows you to maintain and restore the tone of the facial muscles. They become straight, straightening their backs with their shoulders, resting on a chair. Legs in the “first position”, turning the socks one hundred and eighty degrees, focusing on the heels. You can stand in the "third position", with a turn of socks at ninety degrees and the emphasis of the heel of one foot in the middle of the foot of the other. Strain the legs with the buttocks, with straightening and stretching the upper part of the body, pulling the head up, the chin parallel to the floor. Fix for a couple of minutes.

The daily repetition of the exercise tones up the muscles of the face, along with the lungs, very careful patting movements on the face for five to seven minutes.

Use salon services and expensive procedures, selected only by an experienced doctor or cosmetologist, with a careful approach to thinned skin that requires special attention.Possible options include:

All women age differently. Someone complains about the early grid of fine wrinkles, and someone is ready to exchange their “bulldog cheeks” for it. The choice of the type of aging does not depend on us, but it is in our power to prolong youth, taking into account the use of anti-aging means and procedures in accordance with it, and to do it in a timely manner.

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