Features of Italian desks in the interior

That furniture, which two hundred years ago was important and in demand in every house, today undeservedly goes to the background. And this mainly applies to desks. They are trying to replace them with different working surfaces that have a completely different purpose. This mainly happens to save space and finances. However, if the conversation comes to the elite interior design (especially the cabinet), then without a desk really can not do. This piece of furniture can add to the room charm and uniqueness, as well as emphasize the aristocracy.

How to create an exquisite design

Studying the range of modern furniture, designers stop at the opinion that it is best to purchase Italian products. And although the domestic market is able to make good competition, it is simply impossible to convey a special flavor.

Modern Italian combines:

  1. Reliability. Products, in addition to respectable appearance, have a long service life. The period of use is not one decade, the table at the same time preserves beauty and integrity.
  2. Sustainability. Traditionally, furniture in Italy is made from natural and environmentally friendly materials. Each product conforms to European standards. The products do not harm health and even vice versa, wood materials will favorably affect the condition of the person as a whole.
  3. Style. Italian models do not go out of fashion throughout all seasons. A special classic style will never lose its relevance. Even decades later, the tables look like works of art. The special charm attracts the eye, pushing to consider every nuance of the decor.
  4. Convenience. Since the furniture is mainly placed in the office, it is designed for long-term and regular use. Therefore, when creating tables, every detail is thought out: height, furniture, shelves, bedside tables, etc. It is attention to the basic details that distinguishes the products fromItaly.

The main task pursued by the Italian masters is the creation of elegant, solid and durable furniture. The development of new models, unlike the previous ones, occupies the lion's share of the production process. Therefore, each product can become a working surface with a unique design.

Which manufacturers are preferred

Today, there are many Italian companies that produce elite desks. These include: BAKKOKO, CEPPI STYLE, SEVENSEDIE, COLECCION ALEXANDRA, PRAMA. High quality products from these brands are known all over the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that the most stylish interior designs are complemented by tables from these manufacturers.

Acquire Italian furniture should be only in branded furniture stores. They can easily pick up furnishings that can complement the elegant design of rooms.

Material Features

Cabinets can be not only in the office, but at home. And what, if not refined desk, can simultaneously emphasize the comfort and business style of the room? Such an interior attribute is important for the image no less than a good suit or brand watches.Therefore, you should pay attention to the material of manufacture.

Simple plastic is very common today because of its low cost. But creating a refined interior with it will not work. Therefore, you should look at the more presentable natural materials:

  • oak;
  • nut;
  • cherry;
  • beech.

They allow you to create a pleasant to the touch products that can bring a special atmosphere to the room. Wood constructions have strength and durability. The aroma that exudes these materials fills the room with freshness, positively affecting the body.

Interior use

Italian manufacturers produce refined models with a wide range of elite shades, materials and shapes. It is appropriate to use such products in rooms made in such interior styles:

  • classic;
  • art deco;
  • modern.

Writing desks are placed to the window or in the middle of the room (depending on the area). The main condition is that the surface is well penetrated by natural light.Small writing tables are placed in the bedrooms. They serve more as a surface for papers or magazines.