Features slimming shape for a rectangle

A woman who looks like a young man in appearance, with an almost flat line of shoulders, waist and hips, is exactly the owner of the “rectangle” type. At first glance, not the most attractive figure, in fact, very popular in the modeling business, is almost the standard of beauty. Proportionality is the trump card of such women. In addition, most often by nature they are lean. But there is in these positive characteristics a “fly in the ointment” - a tendency to be overweight. Having gained weight once, getting rid of it will not be so easy.

Features of the figure

In structure, such a figure resembles the letter "H", and the main disadvantage lies in the absence of a clearly defined waist line. When there is excess weight, fat deposits are evenly distributed in the waist and abdomen, and immediately give the lover a tasty meal.

If you let the problem take its course, the waist will become wider than the hips and shoulders, creating an untidy and bulky look.At the same time, the chest and hips will remain small.

Therefore, girls who want to look as attractive as possible, emphasizing all their advantages, should follow the diet and do not forget about physical activity. With them, perhaps, let's start.

Oh, sport, how important you are!

A moderate metabolic rate makes a woman "rectangle" prone to gaining excess weight. The main problem areas are the waist and sides. In order to keep yourself in shape will require at least 3 hours of classes per week.

If competently and systematically engage, then the effect will be noticeable in a month. Muscle tissue "rectangles" quickly reacts to the load, and the excess weight also disappears rapidly.

The most effective are such sports as:

  • walking;
  • run;
  • tennis;
  • swimming;
  • dancing;
  • aqua aerobics;
  • skiing.

It does not exclude the possibility of strength training, which will help gain the necessary muscle mass in the arms and legs, by balancing the figure.

First of all, these are active aerobic loads that will be necessary until the arrow on the scales shows the desired value.They should add stretch-exercises that help strengthen the abdominals.

Another important activity is to pump the oblique and rectus muscles of the abdomen, contributing to the formation of the bending of the waist. For this fit push-ups, squats and bicycle aerobics.

The basic principles of diet

Nutritionists say that physical activity for a “rectangle” figure will be useless without proper diet. Otherwise, you can get beautiful, pumped muscles, over which it will be completely unappetizing to hang fat.

How to lose weight in such girls? First of all, you need to include in the diet of such products.

  1. High quality protein. You can find them in white poultry meat (turkey or chicken), lean veal or beef, clams, whole-grain bread.
  2. Complex carbohydrates. First of all, fresh fruits, vegetables with a low starch content, brown rice. Such products will provide an opportunity to prolong the feeling of fullness.
  3. Foods that contain large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids: sea fish, nuts, olive and linseed oil. Also in the process of cooking you can use coconut oil. It perfectly stimulates the metabolism, which means that the fat will go much faster.

But you have to give up simple carbohydrates, which are quickly absorbed, but also quickly return the feeling of hunger:

  • baking and sweets;
  • potatoes;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • any foods containing high amounts of sugar.

In order to actively lose weight, nutritionists recommend sticking to separate meals and forgetting about any snacks. Such a system will help not only to fight with extra pounds, but also to clean the body of toxins and slags.

The main rule of the diet for "rectangles" - do not eat proteins along with carbohydrates. There should be a time interval of at least 3 hours between meals. That is, a potato with a lot of favorite meat and bread is forbidden.

In 2 weeks you will notice significant changes if you follow the basic rules.

  1. Do not refuse breakfast. Morning coffee is better to replace green tea.
  2. Reduce the number of fried foods, give preference to boiled, stewed and steamed.
  3. Half of the daily menu should be fruits and vegetables.
  4. The last meal should be no later than 20:00 for the digestive tract to have time to rest.

Protein diet for fast weight loss

If you need to lose extra pounds urgently, then you can try a protein diet. Its duration is 14 days and will help get rid of 5-8 kg.

During this period, the use of protein-rich foods is allowed: beef, dairy products, eggs, cottage cheese and seafood. If you are an adherent of vegetarianism, then the meat is quite possible to replace soy and tofu.

Morning is best to start with eggs, fish and whole grain bread. So you will get the necessary amount of calories, which will be gradually consumed before lunch.

At lunch, you can cook meat and complement it with a salad of fresh vegetables. Remember that the last, evening meal should be the easiest of all. Sour milk products and fish are best for him.

Considering all the features of the “rectangle” figure, it is worthwhile to take a comprehensive approach to the process of losing weight. The combination of low-calorie nutrition and active physical activity will give you the desired result - a slim and fit figure.

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