FGS stomach: how is it done?

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FGS stomach: how is it done?

FSH (fibrogastroscopy) of the stomach is one of the most common, reliable and highly accurate methods of diagnosing and endoscopic examination of the stomach, duodenum, esophagus, used to identify various diseases and to clarify diagnoses, in order to correctly establish the treatment procedure. FGS of the stomach also provides an opportunity to observe the development of the disease, to get acquainted in detail with the state of the internal surfaces of the organs and, if necessary, to take tissue samples. Fibrogastroscopy is a completely safe procedure for human health. All parts of the endoscope that are in direct contact with the patient are automatically cleaned and sterilized, which prevents any infection.

The endoscopist must know the state of health of his patient, all his diseases, if any, in order to avoid possible complications and side effects during the whole procedure of the study.

How to prepare for FGS

Let us consider the procedure of the FGS of the stomach. Preparing for it is a more responsible and lengthy process than herself. First of all, the patient must psychologically tune and completely trust the doctor. In addition, he should be informed about the drugs that will be used during the study to avoid allergies.

FGS of the stomach passes fairly quickly (no more than 10-15 minutes) and painlessly, regardless of the venue: clinic or hospital. Fibrogastroscopy carried out in the morning on an empty stomach. It is possible to have dinner the night before no later than 19 hours, and the day before the procedure it would be good to refuse meat, fish, legumes and other “heavy” products. On research day it is strictly forbidden to eat, drink, smoke, chew gum. It is worth knowing, before conducting the FGS of the stomach, reviews about this procedure, people who have already passed it. They will confirm to you that premedication is carried out and injected into the language of the anesthetic, as an exception FGS of the stomach is done under general anesthesia.

Conducting FGS stomach

The sequence of the test procedure: the endoscope tube is inserted into the patient's mouth through the mouthpiece, which is clamped with his teeth, then it is necessary to take a sip, then the tube freely enters the esophagus.The patient must breathe deeply and calmly in order to avoid pain and spasms.

An endoscopist carefully examines the esophagus, stomach and duodenum, if necessary, takes a biopsy or injects a medicine. Removal of polyps or stop bleeding can be performed directly with fibrogastroscopy. Modern clinics and hospitals are equipped with the latest equipment and complications in FGS of the stomach are rare.

Gastroscopes are equipped with modern high-quality optics and clearly display the examined organs on the monitor screen. Subsequently, the image can be printed out on the printer. For the procedure FGS stomach price is quite affordable. Basically, it depends on the category of the clinic or other medical institution where the patient turned. The results of the procedure are mostly positive, especially in cases where the patient follows the recommendations and executes all the commands. In this case, the expected result from the procedure will receive only an obedient patient.

Now you know what is FGS of the stomach, how this procedure is done and the nuances of preparation for it.It is important to remember that fibrogastroscopy is one of the most reliable ways to diagnose. For anyone who studies what is FGS of the stomach video materials on this topic will be very useful.