"Fidgets" are looking for talents: studio theater announces casting

Every little child can be part of a team. The main thing is not to be afraid to show yourself.

Few people know, but the story "Fidget" began with a simple children's circle at the Palace of Pioneers. However, the team was able to ignite more than one star. At one time, the future "tattoos" Julia Volkova and Lena Katina, Anastasia Zadorozhnaya, as well as the young ladies men from Smash! Sergey Lazarev and Vlad Topalov.

And if these participants are no longer passing by age, then young talents from 4 years old have a chance to become part of a team. In early September, the studio theater will hold a casting for the upcoming school year. Young "Fidget" will help develop their creative abilities. Here you will learn music, acting, and choreography - everything so that the child is not afraid to perform in front of the public.

The selection will take place in two stages. Until September 2, the studio accepts applications for participation. For this you needfill in the form on the websiteand send a letter with the subject "Casting to Fidgets on September 3, 4, 5". The letter should write about the talents of the child, indicate his age and his contact phone number for communication.

The organizers contact all those who submitted applications, give detailed information about the place and time of the casting. And at the audition select special children. To listen, you will need to learn a song, an excerpt from a fable or a children's joke.