Folding table for a small kitchen

In this article we will tell you how to make an original folding table with your own hands, which in a few moments turns from a neat dining table into a compact and comfortable work surface! It is very easy to make such a table. You can connect your children to it and have fun with them.

In the unfolded form, the table can be used as a working kitchen surface for cooking, when located along the wall, it will not clutter the room and eat precious square meters of the area.

How to make a folding table with your own hands: blueprints

Our folding table consists of two halves, connected together by loops. Each half is going according to this scheme.

The main supporting frame is made of planed timber 50x50mm. For attaching parts to each other, we propose using an attachment on an oblique screw. This fastening is reliable, easy to carry out and does not spoil the appearance of the product. We will describe in detail how to properly perform such fastening below.

The top slats not only stiffen the frame, but also serve as a drawer support.

The next step is to mount the front panels. They can be made of board or plywood 20mm thick. They are also attached to the oblique screw. At the same time, pockets for fasteners are made on the inside of the panels, as well as on the bottom of the frame. The joint can be strengthened with wood glue.

Drawer guides also serve to add extra rigidity.

Next, collect the box. Be careful: pockets for connection to the oblique screw when assembling the box must be madeon the outside, but not on the inside, so that they were not visible. The dimensions of the box are based on the fact that its walls will be made of plywood 20mm thick.

In addition, we fastened our box to the rails, for which we left an additional 11mm on each side.

The front panel of the drawer can also be made of board or plywood 20mm thick. You can choose suitable handles for your boxes to your taste.

It remains to attach the cover, and half of the folding table is ready. It is important to take into account that the lid should not hang down from both sides, otherwise it will be impossible to assemble the halves of the table together. The second half is going to identical, only the cover is mounted mirror.

When both halves of the table are ready, the last stage of the assembly remains: the installation of the loop.

It is best to use the long furniture loop.

If you plan to often fold and lay out a table, then think about attaching the wheels to the legs. This will greatly facilitate the handling of the product and help keep the floor intact. If you want to make a table with wheels, then the legs should be shortened to the height of the wheels.


We will connect the parts to the oblique screw. To do this, we need a special device - a conductor for drilling at an angle. They come in many forms, but the simplest looks like this.

It is very easy to use. It is simply fastened with a clamp on the part ...

... and you can drill! Use the depth gauge to drill too deep.

And then we twist the screw - and that's it! It turned out a reliable and accurate connection, which does not strike the eye and does not spoil the look of the furniture.

Such a connection can be further strengthened with wood glue.

We decided to paint the finished table in white with chalk paint. It is perfect for painting furniture and gives the product a complete look.

Our folding table was practical and convenient. Thanks to the connection on the oblique screw, the fasteners remain hidden, and the table looks neat and attractive. Make such a folding table with your own hands the power of each; all that is needed is the minimum skills for working with wood, some tools and the desire to create beautiful and interesting things yourself.