French knot - simple and always in fashion!

This is done like this:

  • secure the thread on the wrong side;
  • output the needle on the front side where you want to make a knot;
  • pull the thread slightly (no more than 3 cm);
  • by grasping the needle with a needle, make a few strands of thread around the needle closer to the fabric;
  • Pressing the finger of the left hand with a finger, insert the needle as close as possible to the place from which it
  • originally came out on the front side;
  • remove the thread completely inside out.

The thicker the thread or ribbon, the larger the nodule.

In this video review of the master classes of two experienced masters, you can see how the French knot is performed with threads and ribbons. It is better, as they say, to see once than to hear a hundred times.