From beans, paper and paint you can always make the necessary thing in the house

If you also like to recycle old, useless or, at first glance, useless things, then this idea will definitely appeal to you! See how beautiful this magnificent vase is - it is as if made of porcelain, and in fact - made of cardboard, old magazines, beans and acrylic paint.

For work it is required to take:

  • thick and dense cardboard tubes, as from a PVC film, etc .;
  • old magazines;
  • peeled beans;
  • glue;
  • acrylic paints (MK used red, black and gold).

We create a delightful vase of cardboard with our own hands, following the step-by-step master class:

1. First you need to find similar cardboard tubes. They are heavier and more stable than, for example, ordinary toilet bushings.

2. Old logs need to cut and roll the tubes into snails. As you twist the tube should be lubricated with glue. If you do not paint the vase at the end of the work, then you should choose the brightest pages.

3. Snails should be glued to the cardboard tube as tightly as possible.

4.In the intervals it is necessary to paste the beans, peeled. After that, proceed to painting: choose the base color (in MK is red) and carefully cover the entire surface of the future vase (inside you also need to paint the walls) with acrylic paint. Leave to dry completely.

5. Next, to give the vase a more festive and aesthetic look, you can play with shades. To do this, we take a black acrylic paint and apply a layer on the dried vase, which is then quickly washed off with a slightly damp cloth. As you can see, the black paint remained only in the voids, folds and crevices, creating a shade (shadow) - this is what we need.

6. In order to give the vase a finished look, we apply a brush of gold paint to the point (in strokes).

With shades and colors you can endlessly play. Such a wonderful vase turned out at the end of the work. It looks like from porcelain, but in fact - from cardboard, magazines and beans!