A game for children "Ladybugs on autumn leaves"

Today I want to share an interesting game that we came up with my daughter during a walk in the park. When we collected autumn leaves, a ladybug was hidden under one of them. The daughter planted the bug on a smaller leaf and said that a small ladybug should sit on a small leaf. It was at that moment that I decided to make the game “Ladybugs on Autumn Leaves.” We took the following components for work: - a set of colored cardboard; - scissors; - double-sided tape;
- pencil, - leaves from different trees, - black self-adhesive film. First we started making ladybirds. Agreed that the bugs will be exactly 10 pieces. On the back of a sheet of red cardboard, we drew ten ovals of different sizes.
 Game for children: Ladybugs
Then the daughter carefully cut them out and we got such pieces.
From the black self-adhesive film cut out small black circles - these are the points on the wings of beetles. Since the seven-point bug is the most common, 70 black circles had to be made. Tip! The points on the wings can be drawn with a black marker. This is how the bugs look with pasted dots.
 Game for children, Ladybugs
Next in size for each oval we black semicircles were cut out - these will be the heads of the ladybirds.
 A game for the children of the Ladybugs
They are glued to the red ovals with the help of double-sided tape and the floor learned such funny bugs.
 A game for children of the Ladybugs
Autumn leaves traced around the contour on the color canton of green, yellow and orange. Their daughter cut out. Send out such beautiful leaves!
 Game for the children of the Ladybugs
All components of the game are ready and you can play.For example, I asked my daughter to build ladybugs from the biggest to the smallest.
 Game for the children of the Ladybugs
The same task can be used on the leaves.
Game for the children of the Ladybugs
But the main thing is to place all the bugs on the leaves in size. Here you need to think and the daughter tried on the cows for the leaves for a long time.
 Game for children: Ladybugs
Such tasks develop the child's thinking, memory, fantasy, attention, enrich vocabulary and emotional pleasure. Make the game “Ladybugs on different autumn leaves” and your child in a game form will learn to distribute objects by size and will exercise in the count to 10. Tip! In spring, bugs can be placed on flowers of different sizes, in winter - on snowflakes, and in summer - on berries. Tip! And instead of the ladybirds make butterflies, May beetles or dragonflies.