Gwyneth Paltrow advises everyone to have sex dust for breakfast

Watching recently for Gwyneth Paltrow, we all wondered: what is she sitting on. They thought it was on mushrooms, but it turned out ... on sex dust! We do not know if there are pink unicorns in the world of actresses, but there are definitely magic ingredients for breakfast, about which we until recently had no idea. We are talking about the sex dust mentioned above, which the actress and fan of a healthy lifestyle program strongly advises everyone to eat for breakfast. The miracle ingredient consists of the mysterious extract of the roots of ho-shu (according to the adepts who can give almost immortality), cystanhe, gorodanka, magnolia vine, stevia and maki, biologically active additive "Shiladzhit", as well as cocoa powder. One teaspoon of miracle dust for breakfast, according to Gwyneth, improves libido and increases sexual activity. You can orderon Goopat the price of 60 dollars for a jar of a pleasant muted-pink color. If interested, there are also available to order dust for clarity of mind, good sleep and even development of extrasensory abilities (hurry to add to the basket until prohibited).


We don’t even know if Gwyneth is really “enlightened”, or if she is simply trolling us all.