Hair mask: now with aloe

Aloe hair mask is a unique miraculous folk remedy. The juice of this plant is able to heal hair, make it shiny, accelerate growth and eliminate dandruff.
hair mask with aloe
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Useful properties of aloe have been known for more than one century. This plant is used even in ancient times. Aloe juice has a lot of mineral salts, high content of vitamin C, vitamins of group B, A, E, amino acids. Tannins that are present in aloe, eliminate dandruff and strengthen the hair roots. A strong healthy roots, as you know, is the main guarantee of healthy hair.

In addition to the beneficial effects on follicles, aloe heals the hair along the entire length. Aloe masks are a great folk remedy for secting split ends.

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Mask with aloe, accelerating hair growth

Mix one tablespoon of aloe juice with one tablespoon of castor oil, add one egg yolk to this mixture, and also two tablespoons of nettle decoction. Mask must be rubbed into the scalp and left for 30-40 minutes.For the best effect, perform this procedure twice a week. The course is one month.

Vitamin mask with aloe to strengthen hair

This mask will require two egg yolks. Mix them with a canteen of false aloe juice, and add five drops of vitamins A and E (oil solutions). The mask is applied with massage movements. The head must be covered with a warm scarf or towel. To sustain 30-40 minutes. If necessary, repeat the procedure twice a week.

Aloe Dandruff Hair Mask

Mix two tablespoons of aloe juice with one teaspoon of castor oil. If the hair is oily, it is recommended to add a little lemon juice (one spoon). To this mixture add a tablespoon of honey. In a water bath, warm up the mask and mix well. Apply to hair (and the roots, and the entire length), cover with cellophane, and on top of a warm scarf or towel. To sustain 30-40 minutes. For best results, it is recommended to rinse the hair with a decoction of nettle, chamomile or sage.

Note that aloe penetrates deep into the hair structure and washes out the color. For this reason, aloe vera masks are not suitable for colored hair.

Hair Loss Aloe Vera Mask

For this mask you will need garlic juice (one teaspoon), one egg yolk, a tablespoon of honey and, of course, aloe juice (one tablespoon). Apply the mask on the scalp, wear a plastic bag and tie a head scarf. The exposure time of the mask is 20-30 minutes. Rinse hair well. To improve the effect, it is recommended to rub another yolk into the scalp after the mask and rinse with water. Rinse the hair is best not just water, and decoction of herbs (chamomile or nettle).

Mask with aloe for normal and greasy hair

This mask is usually prepared in a large volume and stored in the refrigerator. It will require the following ingredients: 100 ml. aloe juice and 500 ml. dry wine. Insist two to three hours. Then apply on hair for half an hour. For better effect, wrap your head with a handkerchief. Apply the mask once a week.

Nourishing mask for dry and weak hair

In addition to aloe juice (we take one tablespoon of it), add the same amount of castor oil to the mask. Heat this mixture in a water bath. Then add a spoonful of honey and mix well. The mask must be applied to the roots, and then spread over the entire length of the hair. Warm the head.Leave on hair for one hour. For weakened hair it is recommended to conduct such a course for a month, applying a mask two or three times a week.