Haircuts for women for 40 with round type of face

Should a woman with age limit herself in choosing a hairstyle? Just the opposite! Now in the world of hairdressing fashion, complete freedom reigns.
But the rules for different forms of the face has not been canceled. For example, in a short haircut for a round face, hair should cover the ears. It looks more proportional when the bang asymmetrically falls to one side. In the color palette will be successful shades of blond, chestnut, highlighting and, of course, native gray hair.

The hairstyle for a round face gets on perfectly with the natural gray color of the hair. A classic bean that softly curls on the chin line ennobles massive contours and visually draws out the face. Careless bangs smooth out the excessive severity of this haircut.


The original bang magically acts on the full cheeks of women with a round face. The haircut itself is made in a simple technique: short, clear and tasteful. But a barely perceptible stroke on the side transforms the usual look into something exquisite.It is with him that begins a kind of ragged "sketch", which is also difficult to name a bang. Together with the side strands, it forms an asymmetric letter “A”, balancing all the flaws.


This voluminous haircut presents round shapes in a favorable light. Its distinguishing feature is chaotic aliasing, which is subject to the hands of only an experienced master. You will need a certain density of hair and styling products. Near the nape there are shorter and thinner strands, and from above, especially near the ears and in the place of the bangs - long curls. The owner of such a lush option should put a little mousse for styling on the fingers and a good mess of hair. But the bangs must first be laid on one side with a hair dryer, after which also to shake hands.

Merry infidelity

Nice and cheerful haircut for stylish women who are friendly with melirovaniem. It is against his background that the extravagant "hedgehog" begins to play with a clear texture. Haircut - tiered, not very short, with smooth transitions. Its zest is in sticking up strands there, from where comes the side bangs.One part of them forms the bang itself, and the other - effectively sticks in different directions. Together, it is shaped like a flower. On the sides, the hair almost completely covers the ears, which draws out the round shape of the face.


Sometimes you want to throw off the load of past years and breathe the air of change. A new haircut is what you need. Together with the extra length of hair, a woman loses a couple of years and gets an open look and attractive face expression. This option of cutting a pixie has a sufficient volume in the ear area, which makes it possible to hide the excessive roundness of the cheeks. Above, the hair is carelessly ruffled, and a short fringe of a bang sticks playfully, placing emphasis on the eyes.


It always comes to the rescue in non-standard cases, when it is necessary to correct the unsightly features of its appearance. Haircut creates an ambiguous effect - the smooth appearance is combined with a small volume - and looks good on hair with gray hair. True, the length of the strands is not much different. Just on the one hand, the hair is gathered behind the ear, and on the other, a deep oblique fringe reigns, which smoothly passes into the main mass.


Hardly the most successful haircut for a round face. It is suitable for women with regular features. And it is not necessary to try to hide gray hair. After all, natural platinum color harmoniously fits into the short layers of this cascade. In the place where the lateral bangs should begin, an intriguing whirlwind is located that has let out some thin strands for framing a forehead.


Pixie in combination with an A-shaped silhouette in the forehead area delicately shades circular shapes. The strands have a ragged structure at the ends and are slightly furrowed at the crown. Side curls and short fringe form a triangle, which affects the ratio of proportions.


The feminine version of the popular haircut conquers the hearts of older women. After all, he is picky in care, comfortable and at the same time deserves admiring glances. Symmetrical lines charm with their simplicity, and an oblique parting and a thin bang complete the overall appearance. As the length of the haircut stopped between the ears and chin, the round face looks winning and proportional.


This haircut for a round face may seem challenging, but some ladies gladly choose it. Thanks to the small mohawk, all attention is focused on the top of the head.Hairdressers leave the area above the forehead with longer strands for an opportunity to experiment. A woman can lay it up, as in the photo, shag, fluff or comb, like a bang. It all depends on the mood.