Help me choose a battery?

I have an Opel car, the battery has recently broken. Tell me, what is the best company now? And then in the service advise the most expensive options.
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John Nick
������������John Nick
������������Answered on February 15, 2017 11:42
I would recommend you to buy the Varta battery. For me, this is the best company, and it is not expensive. And in the service, as often happens, they just have to sell, but more expensive.
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Roman Ryazanov
������������Roman Ryazanov
������������Answered on February 15, 2017 11:45
I have a Bosch battery, it's my third year on it. And for all this time there were no problems with the car because of the battery. The main thing is not to buy a fake, but now there are a lot of them.
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You can do, according to the brand of auto battery selection, here. So much more convenient. Only when you buy, pay attention to the date of manufacture. And it happens, they sell those who are already half a year old, but the battery may have been discharged a long time ago. And it is not known where he was kept this time, maybe in the cold. This is better not to take.