Rest in December, where you can go in December.

Rest in December, where you can go in December.

Rest in December, where you can go in December.

Rest in December, where you can go in December.



For many, the month of December causes a feeling of cold, a lot of snow and a lot of warm clothes. But it is not necessary to freeze when you can safely go, somewhere to rest.


Usually good discounts are available in early December, so you can go to rest in Egypt, Thailand or on the island of Bali. This is very beneficial, because everything is in anticipation of the new year and holidays, rarely anyone going to rest. But the prices for ski resorts are expensive. In advance, you need to take care of a foreign passport, so you do not have to run back and forth for certain inquiries. The cheapest are tours to the sea.If you are still thinking about where to go to all of you in December, we will try to help you with the choice. So let's get started.


Vacation countries in December.




Very good choice, and sunny country. In December, the temperature there reaches up to 32 * C, which is very nice and you can lie on the beach.And besides, it will not be necessary to crowd anywhere, since all the tourists mostly come in January. If you decide to go there to relax, it is better to read all the pros and cons of the resort, as well as choose a place of rest. All other details you can find in a travel agency or read on the Internet.



A beautiful place and a wonderful island of Bali. It is surrounded on all sides by the ocean, there are only delicious dishes and interesting exotic places. Beautiful landscapes and beaches. In December there are big discounts on this island, so don't miss it.



The middle degree of the resort is the country of the Romans Egypt. In December, there is no severe drought, but much warmer than the winter in Russia. The temperature reaches up to 19-20 degrees. If bathing in the red sea, the temperature of the water did not suit you, then your attention will provide pools, which are in any of the hotels. Also a good time of year for excursions and visits to various pyramids and ancient temples.


Goa, which is located in India.

Yes, of course the prices are high here, but it's worth it. Here in December you can have a good rest, as it is in December here is the swimming season, minus only in the air flight, it is very long.


If you decide to have a good rest, but do not like the sea, then European warm countries will also suit you.It is better to choose the holiday season and then you can have a good time, do not forget about the rules and caution.
First, get acquainted with all the pros and cons.