How do animals breed?

The ability to continue the race is the most important property of living organisms. Without it, it would not be possible to continue the life of all organic on Earth. Most animals do not have any breeding patterns. Many of them have external genitalia and reproduce sexually. The male transmits the spermatozoon to the female, which enters the egg cell, and thus the female becomes pregnant. Here about how animals breed, we will not learn anything new. However, there are animals that do not have external sex characteristics. These animals include birds and others. Also among the animals there are hermaphrodites, the method of reproduction which we describe below.

An interesting breeding method

In nature, there are low-organized animals that can reproduce in asexual way. These animals include lizards and bees. A very interesting breeding method for fish is silver crucian. In nature, there are only females of such carp.Actually, the question arises, how do they multiply and successfully continue their race? The answer is simple: other fish that reproduce sperm cells contribute to their reproduction.

Perhaps another interesting breeding method in birds. Birds do not have external genitalia. The organ through which they multiply is the cesspool, located inside the body, at the end of the digestive system. The male presses his body to the body of the female, and transmits, thus, semen. However, ostriches, geese and ducks have a special genital organ, which fertilize the female. Now, we will tell on concrete examples how animals breed. Video on the Internet, which you can easily find, usually shows a bright picture, and you hear only voice-overs. In fact, it is not enough to look and read, because animal reproduction is a physiological process that takes into account many factors beyond the power of one eye.

How do gay animals breed

It used to be considered that in nature all individuals are divided by gender. On masculine and feminine. However, in 1958, the Russian scientist Zarevsky made a discovery.He proved that lizards are all female and breed by another method. This method was subsequently called parthenogenesis. They are also actively used by bees or aphids. The method consists in the fact that the female simply produces offspring without fertilization. In 2001, an interesting discovery was also made regarding sharks. An egg of a bamboo shark was placed in an aquarium, and after a while she gave offspring. Now there are about 70 species of animals that breed by means of parthenogenesis.

Breeding animals by simple division

Reproduction through division - this is the process of reproduction, which is characteristic of the simplest single-celled animals. The process can last from one hour to one day. From the mother cell is formed several daughter. That's the whole breeding process. And such simple reproduction has several types: simple division (amoeba), mitotic division (bacteria), schizogony (algae).

How amphibians breed

It is possible to talk a lot about how animals of this species breed. We will give a description of the most important facts. Most often, the tail and some tailless amphibians breed by laying their eggs on the female, and the subsequent fertilization of eggs by the male.For most of the caudates, fertilization is internal, but we will not tell anything new here. Still, it is worth noting that the most common method of reproduction is internal fertilization. The girdle develops in the body of the female and then is born. Hopefully, the article helped you learn something more about how animals breed.