How beautiful it is to braid an Easter egg

How beautiful it is to braid an Easter eggHappy, bright Easter holiday is coming! I want something extraordinary, spring and original! Traditionally, in addition to painting Easter eggs, there are many ways to decorate them, one of them - bead weaving.


Most often this is done according to the scheme, we want to offer a simpler way - weaving an Easter egg with beads with the help of a thread. In this master class you will see how this can be done in two versions.


For work you will need:


  • papier-mache or plastic eggs;
  • small colored beads or glass beads;
  • fine needle and thread;
  • super glue or white glue.


We begin with the first method of decorating eggs, which is more traditional.


How beautiful it is to braid an Easter egg


Making Easter eggs from beads (method number 1)


- This is a rather painstaking work, more precisely, this is the first stage of its implementation. To string long beads on a long string, care and patience will be required. You can choose as multi-colored beads, and monophonic.And if you want to make striped eggs, then you need to alternate colors every 10cm. This is exactly the distance that goes one turn around the egg.


How beautiful it is to braid an Easter egg


- After finishing stringing, it's time to go to the second stage. To do this, take the egg and apply glue on its wide part. We turn from a thread strung with beads, a small ring and press it to this place.


- If, when wrapping an egg with a thread, it doesn’t turn out to be too uniform, then it doesn't matter. At the end of the work, it will be possible to glue beads separately in some places. In the meantime, continue.


How beautiful it is to braid an Easter egg


- After the first few turns are well fixed and the glue has dried, start wrapping the egg further. Try to do it in such a way that each row is well adjacent to each other, without significant gaps. After the work is finished, leave the eggs for a while in order to dry the glue well.


We decorate an Easter egg with beads (method №2)


It is more original and unusual. To do this, the egg should be wrapped both with a string with string of beads, and without them. And this should be done not evenly, in a row, but in different directions.


- If in the first method we tried to avoid empty places on the egg, then the so-called “gaps” are welcome.The egg can be processed with glue completely, and then wrapped with threads.


How beautiful it is to braid an Easter egg


- Try to find a good combination of colors (warm tones - with warm, cold - with cold), because the colors of the thread and beads should look harmonious.


You can repeat the color scheme, which is presented in the photo. After the wrapping work is completed, leave the egg for a while to dry.


You can decorate any dishes on the festive table with such wonderful eggs or make the whole composition in a basket with ribbons. You can also give them to friends as a souvenir.


We hope you like our master class on how to tie an Easter egg. And you want to make such an article at home to please your loved ones.