How can you quickly cure a cold?

It turns out that if you have experienced unpleasant symptoms of a cold, then there is no need to escape to the hospital first and swallow medicines. The common cold can be quickly cured with folk remedies without resorting to “chemistry”.

At any time of the year, the question always remains urgent: "How quickly to cure a cold, and what medicines are the most effective?". The human body is very much prone to abrupt temperature changes, and they wait for it almost every day in winter and summer.

After all, we do not even think that falling asleep under the air conditioning, you can very easily catch a runny nose and a cold throat, having drunk cold water in the summer heat, to open a jacket in the wind, if you sweat under it, and trite to go in the cold - all this is fraught with unpleasant consequences . And what to do if the cold needs to be cured quickly, and there is no time for going to the doctors?

There are many answers to this question, however, before proceeding with treatment, it is necessary to make sure that you are more likely to catch a cold and nothing more serious.

Cold symptoms are standard - runny nose, red throat, general malaise of the body, low temperature.

But if you notice that the temperature starts to grow rapidly, reaching 38-40 °, then you should contact a specialist, because this is a signal of the flu or some kind of viral disease.

Traditional medicine

If you woke up in the morning and felt that you had a sore throat, then the most effective and effective way would be to rinse. The solution for gargling is made from ordinary table salt and soda.

For a stronger effect, you can add a couple of drops of iodine. The recipe is simple: put a spoonful of soda and the same amount of salt on a mug in 200 ml, drip 2-3 drops of iodine. With this mixture, we caress the throat 4-5 times a day. If the throat hurts badly, the number of rinses can be increased to each hour. Also for rinsing you can use an alcohol solution of calendula or chamomile decoction.

Inhalations are very useful and effective for a stuffy nose and sore throat. These procedures are very easy to do at home. To do this, boil the potatoes in uniforms, sit the patient in front of the pan, which has just been removed from the stove, top with a bath towel and a blanket so that all the healing steam remains inside.

The sick person, opening the lid of the pan, should inhale as much as possible with the nose and mouth. The procedure continues until the potatoes cool. This kind of inhalation is a very quick way to cure a cold. The very next morning you will feel relieved. However, it is worth remembering that such procedures can be performed only in the absence of temperature!

Instead of potatoes, you can use a decoction of herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties, such as chamomile, calendula, coltsfoot, etc.

One of the most common symptoms of a cold is a runny nose. Sometimes he is so corrosive that he does not let go of several weeks from his embrace, but he causes considerable discomfort.

Due to these circumstances, most people try to resort to drops and various sprays. It is difficult to say that the treatment with drops always accelerates the healing process, sometimes, on the contrary, aggravates, causing dryness of the mucous membrane of the nose and throat.

Some sprays and purchased drops can even be addictive. Therefore, if you have already decided to use such drugs, then check that they are on a plant-based basis.Nose drops can also be made by yourself - aloe or kalanchoe juice is perfect.

We treat a small child

When you treat yourself, or any other adult, things are pretty simple. But how to quickly cure a cold for a child, especially if this is your first time? The main thing is not to panic! First of all - call the doctor at home; an experienced specialist will be able to prescribe the right treatment faster and more efficiently.

First aid

But can not you help your child before the doctor comes? You can if you are careful enough. For example, foot baths help well, but only if the child has no fever. To do this, dissolve a couple of tablespoons of dry mustard in a basin of hot water, the temperature of the water must be tolerated, not burned. After that, wipe the legs with a towel and put on woolen socks.

When the baby is still very young, he may not be able to blow his nose. What to do in this case? Need to help him. In order to clear the child's nose of mucus, it is necessary to dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm boiled water, and with a pipette, rinse one and the other nostrils.

By the way, such washing will be useful in preventive measures, as, as is known, the majority of infections are collected in the nose.

Again, a gargle from the decoctions of medicinal herbs will come to the rescue from a sore throat. Even if the child does not know how to do this independently, he will be able to cope with your help. Various potato and herbal inhalations will not be enough for a small child, so it’s better not to resort to such methods.

But, if you have an ultrasonic inhaler at home, then it is quite possible to fight with a cold. Usually such inhalers are filled with broths from medicinal herbs or ordinary mineral water.

And yet, do not forget that even though your baby’s body is still small, it still has the ability to fight diseases. So do not overdo it when you are engaged in the treatment and prevention of diseases of your child.

Food and Drink

How to quickly cure a cold? You want to get rid of all these annoying and depressing symptoms as quickly as possible. The answer is simple - everything will depend on the severity of the disease, and, of course, on the unconditional fulfillment of all recommendations.

Another important item in the list “How to quickly cure a cold?” Is the proper drinking and nutrition of the patient. Not all drinks are healing. The most beneficial drink will be rich in vitamin C - tea with lemon, tea with raspberries or currants, warmed cranberry juice. On the day a sick person needs to drink 6-7 cups of such drinks.

Meals should be light and gentle - chicken broth, fruits and vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese, boiled fish, mashed potatoes, or milk porridge.

Important value has bed rest. Even if you have a very low temperature, the first couple of days are better spent in pastels. This will contribute to the speedy recovery of your body.

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