How do you spell come?

Alevtina Rigonen
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How do you spell come?

The word �go� is one of the most ancient words in the lexical fund of many languages. Many words of ancient origin are characterized by the formation of forms of words from different roots, for example: I walk, walk, go. In the Old Slavonic language, the infinitive of this verb had the following form: i-ti. Now in this verb there appeared a consonant letter -d-, which we can now trace: go, go, go. And how do you spell �come�?

On the basis of the verb �to go�, other verbs with the prefix are formed, in which �and goes into -y-, and are kept at the base, for example: descend, find, approach. Under the same changes, our word �come� fits, which is spelled this way. Go, but come!

Such spelling is associated with historical changes in this word. And such a rule is enshrined in all the spelling dictionaries of the Russian language.